What are Copper Pearl blankets made of?

You have arrived on the right page if you want to learn more about Copper Pearl’s favourite blankets and where they are made.

Copper Pearl creates a variety of unique baby blankets, and functionality, comfort, and style are essential values high on the priority list of Copper Pearl.

However, in the beginning, Copper and Pearls started designing stylish, well-functioning bibs; the brand now has an exciting selection of smart products, including thoughtfully designed baby clothes, covers, swaddles, quilts and baby blankets that can grow with your baby.

Today, we chat about what Copper Pearl blankets are made of and will share this in our review below.

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Never leave babies unattended with a baby blanket; supervision is always required.

What is Copper Pearl?

Copper and Pearl is a premium baby brand that Stephanie Lee and Kristin Reichert created.

Stephanie and Kristin, who are both mums, had the aim of creating a Copper Pearl as they couldn’t find many modern trendy baby goods they like to use that were functional, which inspired them to create a Copper pearl, born in 2015

Copper Pearl aims to bring more trendy but functional items for babies and mums who are fun to use.

At Copper Pearl, you can find various modern, trendy baby goods, including baby clothes, hairbands, coverings, and multiple blankets and quilts, such as the swaddle blankets and the Three-Layer Jumbo Quilts.

#1 – What is Copper Pearl Copper Pearl 3-Layer Knit Security Blanket? Made of? (“16×16′)

Copper Pearl security blankets come in packs of two, which is very convenient and features a 16×16 size made off PREMIUM POLYESTER/RAYON BLEND.

The three-layer security blanket set is designed for the baby’s comfort. That’s why these loveys are ultra-soft, breathable fabric.

Rex Lovey – $19.95

#2 What are Copper pearl swaddle blankets made of? (Large)

Copper Pearl Swaddle Blankets are crafted from super-soft, stretchy, jersey-feel, a premium knit fabric made from a mix of polyester/rayon blend.

These soft swaddle blankets of Copper Pearl are breathable and lightweight, which will help regulate temperature to keep your baby comfy and snuggly.

Copper Pearl wraps are large (117cm x 117cm), so they can grow with your child – from the perfect newborn first photo shoot outfit to a soft, cozy toddler play mat. 

Alta Swaddle Blanket – $26.95

#3 Where are the three-layer quilts made large?-(46×46)

The Copper Pearl’s three-layer large quilt is also made of a Premium Polyester rayon blend designed with comfort in mind and featuring ultra-soft, breathable fabric with perfect stretch.

Caroline Three-Layer Quilt – $64.95

from: Copper Pearl Inc.

#4 Where are the Three-Layer Jumbo Quilts made of? (60×72)

Copper Pearl’s large-size three-layer jumbo quilts are big enough to keep the whole family cozy and snuggly.

These extra big blankets are ultra soft and designed with comfort in mind.

The Copper Pearl jumbo quilts are available in modern prints and are 60×72 in size and made of a mix of premium polyester, Rayon, and spandex designed to comfort with the right amount of stretch and ultra soft to the touch.

Alta Three-Layer Jumbo Quilt

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Final thoughts for Copper Pearl baby blankets

However, these trending baby blankets are not organic. Yet, they are super popular among parents for their high quality, softness, and generous size that can grow with your baby.

But the stretch, lightweight material, and the option to purchase cute matching headbands with the swaddle blankets make Copper Pearl a family favourite.

Copper and Pearl baby blankets receive impressively high reviews of approx 4.8-4.9 out of 5 stars on Amazon, which is an impressive above-average score.

Have you used Copper Pearl baby blankets and loved them as much as many of their customers?

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