What is Carter’s Children’s clothing?-{Is Carter’s American’s most popular brand}?

What’s Carter’s Children’s Clothing? Carter is a prominent designer of children’s clothing in the U.S., founded by William Carter in 1861.

What's Carter's Children Clothing?-Lady shopping for baby clothes.
The lady is shopping for baby clothes.

In addition to the garments designed for their retailing brand, Carter’s creates labels exclusively for Walmart, Target and Amazon.

In 2005, one of the world’s most recognized kids’ clothing brands, OshKosh B’gosh, became a Subsidiary of Carter’s, followed by the global lifestyle brand Skip Hop Inc. in 2017.

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For Who is Carter’s children’s clothing?

Carter’s children’s clothing has garments for babies, toddlers and kids ranging from preemie babies to 14-year-old kids. Carter’s dress is typically adorable and affordable. Carter’s is all about convenience for parents, making life easy with mix-and-match clothing set in their collections, allowing them to easily find a nice outfit for the day.

What children’s clothing can you find at Carter’s?

Carter’s has various cute and affordable clothing outfits for boys, girls, and gender-neutral. The collections contain clothing items, accessories, swimwear, and shoes.

You can also find garments reflecting the ongoing fashion trends, such as matching pj’s, gender-neutral clothing, and a uniquely organic collection called A Little Planet that aligns with the sustainable lifestyle popular amongst many families today.

Both gender-neutral and organic baby clothes perfectly align with today’s sustainable lifestyle trends followed by many families in the U.S. and worldwide.

As mentioned, Carter’s also exclusively designs children’s clothes for unique Target, Walmart and Amazon labels.

What are the exclusive Labels of Carter’s?

Carter’s has launched multiple exclusive labels with the giant U.S retailers Target, Walmart and Amazon. However, you can find similar children’s items on all three titles. In addition, you will see that every brand has its unique designs specific to that individual’s label retailer. Products in these tree-labels include pyjamas, dresses and bodysuits.


The label exclusively designed by Carters for Walmart in 2003 is Child of Mine. The cute collections for babies and toddlers include sleepwear, bedding, toys, accessories, and everyday essentials.


The exclusive label designed for Amazon is called Simple Joys by Carter’s. Simple Joys by Carters is a cute, fun and affordable clothing line designed to give Amazon Prime members a unique Carter’s clothing collection.

Target: Target has not 1 or 2 unique labels designed by Caters, but in favour of 3 unique clothing labels, could,

  • Precious Firsts- The name tells us it is focused on allowing parents to access a comfortable and adorable layette collection for their little ones.
  • Genuine kids– These labels are exclusively designed for Carter’s in 2003 and bring Target customers a unique, authentic, modern clothing line established by OshKosh B’gosh.
  • Just One You– Just One You is specifically designed to make cute, high-quality garments accessible for an affordable price.
  • Skip Joined Carter’s family in 2017 and offered wise, functional baby essentials like toys, diaper bags and strollers.
  • OshKosh B’gosh- In 2005, Carter’s was one of the most recognized baby brands worldwide. Their garments display playful prints, and their brands aim to celebrate a kid’s creativity.

How affordable are Carter’s children’s clothes?

Carter’s multiple clothing items are sold in coordinated sets or bundles that are much more affordable than purchasing individual pieces. Carter’s designs are typically very reasonable, but you can purchase them for a real bargain during sales.

Carter’s has regular sales offering coupons and discounts, allowing you to get even more value for money. Who doesn’t like a tremendous bargain?

What’s Carter’s clothing quality like?

What Carter's baby clothes?-3 lady's talking while one pregnant lady hold a baby bodysuit.
Three ladies are talking while one pregnant lady holds a baby bodysuit.

As with every brand, not everyone is a fan of Carter’s, but it can’t be denied that Carter’s has a big following and is the biggest children’s clothes retailer, so they must do something right.

Most of Carter’s customers appear happy and satisfied with their children’s clothing quality and describe the garments as soft, cute, and durable.

Still, as they have so many sales, many people stock up on Carter’s children’s clothing when running sales and try to avoid paying the total price for the pieces. Who doesn’t like a good bargain, right?

In most cases, Carter’s clothing appears to run true to size. Still, sometimes you may find some items run on the smaller side, which might be helpful to keep in the back of your mind when selecting items.

Carter’s launched the ‘Little Planet’ organic clothing line for more sustainable quality. The range of clothing you can find in Carter’s most sustainable clothing line is for babies up to 24 months, but you can also find some cute G.O.T.S (global Organic certified standard) pyjamas in bigger sizes up to 5.

Are Carter’s children’s clothes ethically made?

Carter’s is Amerika’s biggest children’s clothes supplier, and their socially responsible behaviour will impact many people’s lives across the globe and the environment.

Did you know that the clothing industry is the second biggest polluter worldwide?’

However, Carter’s does take action to be socially reasonable across their brand; the current standards are not high enough for the ethical shopping guide of Amerika to give Carter’s a high score just yet.

Over the last years, many companies have changed to a more sustainable approach using fabrics like certified organic cotton, which guarantees customers a more eco-friendly and socially responsible product.

In contrast with U.S brand Finn + Emma, which exclusively sells certified organic clothing toys and products, Carter has only designated one organic clothing line across their brand name, ‘Little Planet’, representing a 100% certified organic apparel collection.

Did you know that Carter’s also plans to launch an Oeko-tex 100 certified line towards the end of 2020?

However, Carter may have a journey ahead to show Green America their goodwill to be socially responsible; step by step, Carter appeared to move forward in the right direction. This brand responds to its customer’s needs to be more sustainable. Carter’s is improving its social responsibility role to ensure children’s clothes are cute, of good quality, and ethically made.

Where can you find Carter’s children’s clothing?

What's Carter's Children Clothing?-Pregnant lady sitting on bed viewing some baby clothes.
A pregnant lady is sitting on the bed, viewing some baby clothes.

You can browse Carter’s garments online and offline shops. Carter’s sells their garments through both its website and offline retail stores. But their subsidiary OshKosh B’gosh and other retailers also stock the brand Carter’s.

However, their exclusive labels are designed for a specific retailer only. Still, you will see garments from Simply Joys by Carter’s, exclusively sold by Amazon but resold by Walmart.

Conclusion of Carter’s children’s clothing?

Carter’s cute garments are a popular choice for affordable, good, quality children’s clothes amongst many families in the U.S. Still, most families wait to purchase items during one of Carter’s regular sales.

Carter’s has launched an organic line called ‘Little Planet’ for more sustainable baby clothing. Unlike typically higher price tags for certified organic items, you can stock up on organic baby clothes by Carter’s for very affordable prices.

However, Carter’s might be the most significant children’s clothing brand in the U.S.; there is no doubt room for improvement to show Green America that Carter’s works around the clock to meet sustainable lifestyle trends.

Do you own some of Carter’s cute children’s outfits?


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  1. Hello Jude. I have some experience with OshKosh B`gosh kids clothes, as we used them when my son was a baby/toddler. I loved the design of the clothes and their good quality. For me, it was very important that my baby was comfortable in them. Carter`s Children Clothing is cute and also affordable.

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