Affordable Organic baby clothes in Australia-{2021}

Affordable organic baby clothes in Australia-Sleeping baby with blue shirt and brown bedding
Affordable organic baby clothes in Australia-Sleeping baby with blue shirt and brown bedding

The ongoing trends on sustainable lifestyle trend keeps increasing and many families try to make daily lifesyle choices who are kinder for the environment and safer for your family. And one of tthesecrends who like to touch base with today are organic babyclothes.

Unfortunately, organic garments can be pricey, and you may know how it can add up quite significantly to purchase sustainable clothes for the whole family. Lately, we have followed sustainable fashion trends to learn more about affordable organic baby clothes in Australia.

However, the choice of organic baby clothes by budget shops was quite limited at first, we were happily surprised when we checked the organic baby clothes section in Kmart and Best @ less and found an increased number of Affordable Organic baby clothes now.

However we doubted the ethical standards of these garments at first, some certified organic garments are offered in these budget shops now, still, we are puzzled how the prices can be so low.

*Edit* we updated this article last in January 2021

Budget shops like K Markt and Best & Less sell some  G.O.T.S certified baby clothes now

However, we previously were unsure about K mart and Best and Less’s organic garments’ ethical standards; we noticed that they have stepped up their game and now sell some baby clothes: G.O.T.S certified organic. However, the lowest pricing on these garments we found was as low as $4,-.and for us, it is still a mystery how this is possible while still paying workers a fair, livable wage and ensuring a high-quality product.

As you may now, G.O.T.S certification is the leading global certification for organic clothing items which ensures high environmental and ethical standards are met. One of the ethical standards are fair, livable wages are paid to the workers involved in making these garments, and we feel puzzled how this is possible with a price tag as low as $4,-.

Budget Shops such as Best and Less sell some certified organic garments now, which helps to access ethically made, organic clothing for a broader audience. It is a fascinating development, as more consumers have opportunities to make more sustainable choices in today’s society.

Still, there may be people who prefer NOT to purchase by these budget shops as the overall ethical rating of some of these shops still leaves room for improvement in regards to ethical standards. We all make choices from our own perspective and circumstances but just know that the G.O.T.S garments itself should be ethically made.

Where to check for when purchasing organic items in budget shops

Kmart and Best & less are NOT Organic across their brand, but only sell a SMALL selection of ethical manufactured organic garments in the baby section. When you are browsing for some garments, you may want to take a lot of carefully reading the signs and labels as we noticed some incorrect organic labels on non-organic items when we visited the Kmart recently. Also, we found the signs sometimes made misleading, thorough attention is suggested from our perspective.

Really it is quite confusing how they are selling organic and non-organic items all in the same section. Also, we noticed the organic clothing is sourced out of a variety of countries and the softness of the labelled organic clothing items varies significantly.

Affordable Organic baby clothes at Kmart

As you may have guessed, we love Kmart, and we feel confidant we may not be the only one. The other thing we love more

Affordable Organic Baby Clothes-Kmart Organic Baby clothes
Affordable organic baby clothes in Australia-Organic baby trousers with animal prints

are organic baby products, especially for our baby as the benefits of organic cotton for babies’ are great for baby and our enviroment.

We purchased organic cotton items from Kmart before, but their selection of choice was minimal. With the trend on organic cotton on the rise, we were waiting for shops like Kmart to pick up on this trend and offer more affordable organic baby clothes

The last time we decided to pop into Kmart, we were happily surprised, and we felt like a kid in a lolly shop. There was a whole section of Organic baby clothes with as expected affordable price labels too.

We felt greedy and started to stack our trolley with items for our little girl. Still, in the back of our mind, we started wondering how Kmarkt could offer their costumers affordable Organic baby clothes with prices as low as $ 4 dollars for a romper and $10,- for a pair of trousers?

The gap between the prices here at Kmart and other merchants selling organic cotton items is significant.  Also, we noticed some garments didn’t feel as soft as organic cotton does.

Affordable Organic baby clothes at Best and Less

Affordable organic baby clothes in Australia-Organic baby onesie from Berry Berry
Affordable organic baby clothes in Australia-Organic baby onesie from Berry Berry

Another merchant with lower cost items for the whole family is Best and less. Best and Less is another shop which surprised us

with a limited amount of affordable Organic baby clothes. It is not as cheap as Kmarkt who seems to beat every price, but accessible enough to not break the bank.

But when I returned later, we couldn’t believe our eyes. They had a big sign up with sales on organic clothing as low as $3,-.

For this amount, you could purchase an organic shirt with long sleeves. We bought a couple, but it made me wonder how in the world this was possible. Also, we noticed again that the material is not as soft as Organic items are characteristic.

Are budget shops ethically responsible?

We are following the development of the sustainable trend in the industry for a while, no. Thee pricing on organic baby clothes at budget shops leave us wondering how it is possible that their products can be that cheap?

To ensure your (organic) baby clothes are ethically made, you can keep an eye out for the G.O.T.S logo as the good news is that the small selection of G.O.T.S baby clothes sold in the budget shops have to be ethically made as this is compulsory to carry the G.O.T.S standard.

To learn more about the ethical standards of other garments sold in your favourite shop, your best check the ethical fashion guide to learn more about your favourite clothingbrand’s sustainable effortsd.

The Ethical Fashion Guide?

Did you know there is an Ethically fashion guide? It is a straightforward tool to give you information about how ethically responsible for a brand is. Please fill out your favourite brand to learn what rating they have.

Many brands are labelled as fast fashion, and their goal is tho make a high profit as quick as possible. The workers’ work environment is often not great, and they may receive a very minimal wage to live there life. Often there is room for improvement in how the situation is treated and creating their products.

Companies can receive a rating starting at  A (which is the highest score), all the way up till F (what is the lowest score).

The rating tells you the ability of a company to show the effort they do towards producing ann ethically responsible product. Typical for high scoring brands is their effort to build relationships with their suppliers to ensure their code of conduct is maintained. They put in active measures to ensure their workers are receiving al livable wage. They take steps to reduce the risk of slavery and exploitation. They do what is in their power to be a trustworthy brand.

Brands who can’t provide proof about the way their products are created will receive a lower rating.

In these K mart receive a B+ rating in 2019, and Best and Less receive a C rating.

Should you avoid a brand without high ethical ratings?

Affordable Organic baby clothes-Kmart Organic baby clothes
Affordable organic baby clothes in Australia-Organic baby clothes outfit

Well, it is all up to you but don’t feel bad if you buy in shops without the highest ratings. We all do what we can in the world we live in and the possibilities we have.

We all have to make it work with the budget we have. We all do the best we can. Should you stop visiting shops without an A rating and feel bad about it.

No, you don’t have to boycott brands who still have room for improvement, providing evidence of ethical standards. Instead, use your voice and contact the brands with your concerns and requests. If you like to take action, you do that here.

‘Did you know you can Rent organic baby clothes in Australia know. Renting baby clothes is an other excellent way to access high qualtiy organic baby clothes for an affordable price.

Would you consider renting the baby clothes for a new born?

Renting baby clothes is another great way to access affordable organic baby clothes. This trend is becoming more popular as many families follow a more sustainable lifestyle and like to purchase baby clothes with a lower impact on the environment. As a baby grows very quickly, renting baby clothes makes perfect sense.


What does ‘Organic’ on a label mean?

Yes, this is what we were wondering as well. Did you know that clothing labelled as organic don’t have to be certified? No, they don’t. The only thing they have to do on the labels is telling the truth about the product; it is illegal to make false claims.

If a label claims to be 100% certified organic, everything about the item must be certified organic. This is including the dye of the clothing. You could buy a baby suit labelled organic, and the fabric might well be from organic cotton. However, the colour used in the baby suit can still be toxic and non-organic.

If the label doesn’t say 100 per cent organic, very very likely it will not be 100 per cent organic. Australia has a voluntary standard for organic items. However, brands don’t have to meet the criteria as they are optional.

If a brand makes an organic claim, they should be substantiated whether they reference a standard or not. If a brand claims to meet a certain standard, it must follow this and ensure that the claim is valid.

It is advisable to read labels carefully to know what the ingredients are, don’t assume that a label organic have the standards you would expect from a natural product as this not have to be the case.

Purchasing Organic baby clothes on a budget

There you go, the times are here that organic clothing becomes more accessible for a broader audience. However, be aware to check labels to ensure products meet the standards you expect.

It is excellent if you have the opportunity to buy from a sustainable, high-quality brand in Australia. Still, if you can’t, Best & Less or K mart have some sustainable baby clothes options. Just keep in mind to check for the certification to know for sure what you are purchasing and keep an eye out of the garments are labelled correctly.

You don’t have to feel bad to buy from a shop who may have not the best ethical rating you would like to see, we all trying the make the right discussions for the circumstances we are living in. But remember you can make a difference using your voice and support those shops and motivate them to make their brand more ethical moving forwards.

Please leave any comments below if you like to share your experience or feedback in regards to affordable organic baby clothes in Australia.


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  1. From reading your post about affordable organic baby clothes, Kmart and Best and Less can offer organic clothing to their customers because they cut corners, offering lower-quality organic cotton, and choosing cheap labour to make them.

    I find that until there is a certification process with some quality standards put in place by the governments, you cannot be totally sure that what you are buying is genuine organic clothes. Because many manufacturers can claim that their clothes are made of organic cotton, but without proper certification system in place, it can only be hype on their part.

    • Hi Sonia, yes very true. It would be good if there would be more clarity for costumers about the standards of organic products as it can be quite confusing to know what you actually buy. Definitely go with certified organic brands if you can afford to get clarity about how organic the product really and if you like to invest in a high-quality item what is made to last.

      Thanks for stopping by, I appreciate your comment.

      Best wishes, 


    • Hi Morgan, thanks for leaving us a comment and sharing this information. We are actually updating this post soon, and we will check out your recommendation. Thanks again for the heads up.



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