5 Benefits Organic Baby Clothes Have-{Is Buying Organic make you feel good?}

Probably you have noticed the growing trend of Organic products in the last few years? Chemicals used in many

5 benefits organic cotton have-Brown stem with white cotton bolls
5 benefits organic cotton have-Brown stem with white cotton bolls

products has raised worries by many people. Many people have increasing concerns about the consequences of these chemicals on both our body and our environment.

As a result, we see the trend of organic and sustainable products on offer increasing to meet the demands of society. There are many reasons why choosing organic is beneficial, but in this article, I like to focus on five benefits organic baby clothes have.

1 Health benefits for the farmer’s

Working on a regular cotton farm is not coming without risks and is quite a dangerous job. During the process of growing and harvesting cotton, there are synthetic chemicals and herbicides used. Cotton is a pesticide-intensive crop. Bugs often get resistant to the pesticides, which result in a higher amount of Chemicals needed to grow the plant.

Working in these circumstances is not without risks for the farmers who are exposed regularly to large amounts of synthetic chemicals. Appropriate Protection is not always in place to protect for the harmful substances.

‘Growing organic cotton is done without the use of synthetic chemicals. During the growth and harvest of organic cotton, there is no use of either synthetic pesticides or herbicides. Therefore a much safer workplace is provided for the farmers who are growing organic cotton.

2 The positive effect of our environment

5 Benefits Organic Baby Clothes Have-Cotton stem with bolls laying down on skirt
5 Benefits Organic Baby Clothes Have-Cotton stem with bolls laying down on the skirt

As growing and harvesting organic cotton doesn’t require the use of synthetic chemicals and herbicides, benefits Organic cotton has on our environment are significant.

With organic cotton farming, we don’t have the worries of washed-out chemicals polluting the soil, rivers and groundwater. Using synthetic chemicals will kill not only the pest but also many good microorganisms living in the soil. The harmful substances disturbing the diversity in the soil and can also result in secondary pest outbreak creating an issue with pest who was no issue previously.

Growing Organic cotton uses 85% less water than growing regular cotton. Concerns are that in 2025, 2/3 of the world may face water shortage. As Organic cotton don’t damage the soil, this is a positive outcome for our environment and future water shortage forecasts. As the water running back into the rivers not contain chemicals, we keep the water and environment cleaner as well.

3 Health benefits for your baby

Other than the farmers and our environment benefiting of growing organic cotton, our babies’ skin is benefitting

5 benefits organic cotton have-Baby girl with white dress on the beach
5 benefits organic cotton have-Baby girl with white dress on the beach

with Organic choices too. Bubs skin is sensitive and will likely react quickly with marks or rashes when it comes into contact with clothing where leftover chemicals are present. In worse situations, it can even result in an allergic reaction.

Babies’ upper skin, is much thinner than adult skin. As a result, substances coming in contact with the body will penetrate deeper into babies’ skin, therefore avoiding any chemicals on babies’ skin is beneficial and ideal for babies’ skin.

You may have heard the recommendation to not use sunscreen on babies’ skin for the first six months and no direct sunlight for the first 12 months. Avoiding risks with substances and sunlight is because babies’ skin is more vulnerable than adult skin. Babies skin is super absorbent and very sensitive. Therefore being very considered where babies’ skin comes in contact with, especially the first year is recommended.

Organic cotton is an excellent choice for your baby, and most definitely way more comfortable for your babies’ skin as it is much softer than regular cotton.

‘Did you know there are brands who are doing quality controls on clothing to ensure the garment is entirely free from harmful chemicals. A  company doing this testing is Oeko tex

4 More sustainable choice

Organic cotton clothing is created from pure cotton. Regular cotton gets harvest with machines. During the harvest, the cotton gets damaged in the process. As the fibres got broken in the harvesting process, the end product will be affected. Organic cotton gets picked by hand, and the cotton stays undamaged and pure. Therefore the product coming forwards out of this is a much higher quality product what will be more comfortable and durable. ‘Did you ever notice how much softer organic cotton is compared to regular cotton?’

Longer lasting clothes can potentially last for second or third children or be handed down to other families or sold as second-hand clothing. Using clothing for a more extended period, avoid filling a landfill.


5 Great for the mental health

As a parent, you just want to give your children the best in your ability; it gives just a great feeling to know you dress you, child, in safe clothes with a purpose where many parties benefit from. The feeling of buying a great item for your baby is very satisfactory and makes you feel good. In the same time, you make the best choice for the environment and other people as well.  Supporting the farmers and their families to have a healthier workplace and life is a meaning full purpose to feel good about.

All these positive outcomes resulting from the choices you made will likely make you feel good. Feeling good will likely reflect in a positive mental health setting and feeling mentally happier, it works for me!

With the growing interest in sustainable products, organic items will be likely to become more accessible shortly for a broader audience to have the opportunity to choose organic.

conclusion of the benefits organic cotton have

For me, one thing holding me back to purchase all baby items organic, are the expenses. The price of Organic items can’t compete with ‘fast fashion items.  Both products are created and designed with a completely different approach and mindset.

The only reason fast fashion has is to make the highest profit as quick as possible. This means that workers will get paid as less as possible, and the quality of the product will be compromised. Organic items, on the other hand, prioritise Health, Quality and sustainability. We can’t compare the two, as their approach is 100% different.

Organic clothing is made to last and supporting a workplace for farmers to provide for their families in a safe work environment. Fast fashion clothing is made as cheap as possible, which will result in a compromised quality level and durability.

I try to buy Organic as much as I can, and I feel good doing so. The demand for Organic clothing will likely result in more and cheaper Organic products in the future.

Probably Organic products will gradually become more affordable and accessible for a broader public to have the opportunity to buy organic as well. You can already find some affordable options in lower budget shops such as Best and less and K Markt to score a bargain.

I hope this information was helpful to you.

What is your opinion and experience about organic (baby) clothing and products? Does it make you feel happy to use organic baby products? Do you experience the benefits organic baby clothes have?

Please leave a comment below if you like to share your thoughts or experience on organic cotton, we love to hear from you.



8 thoughts on “5 Benefits Organic Baby Clothes Have-{Is Buying Organic make you feel good?}”

  1. I must admit that I haven’t paid much attention to the process that goes into making the clothes for my kids. However, going organic makes sense if you can afford it for the very reasons that you have listed. I do think it is important to protect our farmers and the environment around us, but it is especially important to protect our little ones. I will have to try to be more mindful when it comes time to purchase clothes next. Thanks!

    • Hi Steve, thanks a lot for your insight on the topic of Organic baby clothes. Like you, I only became more recent about Organic clothes myself. Now I have learned more about the details my interest has grown to be more Organic and I aim to buy Organic as much as I can. I love the benefits for my baby, but I love the benefits of the others involved in the process as well. Hopefully, Organic choices will be more affordable in the near future to increase opportunities for a broader audience to buy Organic.

      Best wishes to you, I appreciate your comment. Jude

  2. Hi! Well, I never was down for synthetic fabrics only for cotton ones since ever. But didn’t realize that rashes from clothes are basically rashes from chemicals that are in clothes. I always had rashes and reactions when I dressed in new clothes. Now my wife always buys my children ” the highest quality clothes” and supposedly they are organic as my children don’t suffer from rashes anymore.



    • Hi Primoz, I agree with you, we should comfort babies’ as much as we can. Babies body and mind are all in focus to develop, and it is beneficial for them to do everything we can to support this process. Even though clothes are not always the reason baby potentially develop skin irritation or rashes, we all know babies skin react very strongly to anything coming in contact with there skin and avoiding chemicals is a great health benefit. 

      I am happy to hear buying quality clothes resolved the issue for your babies’. 

      If you are ever want to make sure the clothing is organic, make sure it states Organic on the label to ensure it really is, as the brand has to be certified to call their brand organic. This can ensure you they are really organic.

      Best wishes Jude

  3. Hey, nice article you have there. In my opinion, Organic cotton clothes are important for your baby because you really want to limit their irritants and exposure to chemicals when they are developing. This will not only keep them healthier and help them develop more natural, but it will also keep them a lot more comfortable due to limiting the irritants around them.

    • Very well said, I totally agree with you. Thanks for your insight, I appreciate it. I feel excited about the development of the clothing industry with the growing interest of Organic products. Hopefully, it will be affordable for more people in the near future what gives a broader audience the opportunity to purchase organic items and enjoy the benefits. Best wishes Jude

  4. Wow there are some good benefits to using organic clothing but I have a question why don’t they just turn to organic clothing altogether. Hopefully, more and more companies use natural cotton instead of what they are using right now because if they did it it would have so many good outcomes. But from now on when I buy new clothes I’m going to wash it or spray it so that it won’t give me a rash.

    • Hi Nadir, growing organic cotton is much better for our environment, however, the clothing industry is mainly focused on making a profit rather than considering our environment. Therefore it might not be very likely that the whole cotton industry would start growing organic cotton. I have noticed though that other brands do make an effort to improve the cotton they use for their clothing. It is not organic but they call It better cotton.

      It doesn’t mean necessarily that you would develop a rash wearing non-organic clothing, but you may do when you have sensitive skin. I am not sure what you would spray on the clothing to not develop a rash when you would have sensitive skin though.
      Probably wash it before use would be the best option or having a look for organic options. Very likely you would find there are more organic options around and easier to get hold of soon.
      Thanks a lot for stopping by, I appreciate it and I hope this is helpful for you.
      Best wishes.


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