Trends In Used Baby Clothes-Used Organic Baby Clothes

Used baby clothes-Baby in cute knitted baby outfit
Used baby clothes-Baby in a cute knitted baby outfit

When I was young, second-hand clothes were a bit of a taboo and most definitely not cool. Several mums I know are enthusiastic about buying their children used baby clothes and toys. I feel like pre-loved clothes are more accepted and even become quite popular.

Organic baby clothes keep increasing in popularity, and so are second-hand organic baby clothes, which are becoming more accessible as well. High-quality organic baby clothes are sold online individually or in bundles by created groups and innovative businesses that make organic clothing more accessible. Did you know you can even rent used organic baby clothes per month too?

For those interested in selling (branded) baby clothes in a ‘good as new condition’, there are opportunities for you as many online innovative businesses are set up to sell and buy used baby clothing items now.

Have you considered using second-hand clothing?

Benefits of choosing pre-loved baby clothes

Used baby Clothes-2-Cute-Babies-Dressed-Indentical with bunny ears.
Used baby Clothes-2-Cute-Babies-Dressed identically with cute bunny ears.

Other than saving yourself money, using pre-loved baby clothes is an environmentally friendlier choice to feel good about. Choosing used items is sustainable as it reduces the amount we consume. Did you know the textile industry is the second biggest polluter worldwide?

Many people worldwide become more aware of our environmental issues and are interested in contributing to making choices with a smaller environmental footprint. And however, it will not be for everyone; choosing a pre-loved baby way is an excellent opportunity to make an environmentally friendlier choice.

When you follow a natural lifestyle and are interested in using organic items for your baby, choosing used organic baby clothes makes it much more affordable. Especially the certified organic brands may not be accessible to everyone as they can get quite pricey; purchasing pre-loved items can be a great solution.

It is so exciting to see the new trends where high-quality brands are now offering their beautiful garments as pre-loved items so more people can enjoy their beautiful clothing items.

Names for used baby clothes

People may use different titles when discussing used baby clothes, such as second-hand baby clothes, pre-loved loved baby clothes, or even hand-me-downs. It all has the same meaning.

What are the cheapest options to buy used baby clothes?

Trends in used baby cloths-Baby IN Jacket standing by tree stump
Trends in used baby cloths-Baby IN Jacket standing by a tree stump

Well, the cheapest options must be our famous ‘op shops’. Here in Australia, there are quite a few shops where you can buy second-hand (baby) clothing. You can find ‘opportunity shops’ spread all over the country. More often, they named  ‘op shops’.

You can buy lots of different items for a small price. The items in the shops are mainly donated. Everything donated in ‘op shops’ has to be in fair condition. The staff working in the shops are volunteers. Therefore you may see that some of these shops have limited opening hours.
The ‘op shops’ profits will benefit less fortunate people.

Some of our leading ‘Op shops’ in Australia include:

  1. Vinnies shop, 650 shops across Australia
  2. Salvo’s shops, 340 stores across Australia
  3. Lifeline shops, more than 130 across Australia
  4. Red Cross shops, more than 175 shops across Australia

Other than these big organisations, there are many more Please click here for a complete overview of all ‘op shops’ across Australia.

Some ‘op shops’ listed above have online shops as well.

‘If you like to purchase second-hand items, I would suggest you always wash pre-loved clothing before the first use for your baby. Also, hanging it in the hot sun before use is a great idea.

‘The same is suggested for new clothing though, always wash clothes before first use, you never know where it has been exposed to, and potential manufacturing residue can still appear on the garment’.

Childhood selling opportunities for pre-loved branded baby clothes

Other than purchasing used-baby garments, you can also sell baby clothes; to do so, the clothes must be as good as new.

Lately, I have been surprised by how many innovative businesses have created sustainable-friendly shops. The modern way of promoting second-hand baby clothes is very well done, and baby items look inviting.

A sustainable lifestyle is highly interesting to many in our society, and building a business focused on sustainability is an intelligent action responding to society’s needs.

Selling ‘unused’ items lying idle in your wardrobe means potential pocket money for you and potentially a great bargain for me.

Used baby clothes-Baby laying on a green rug in a cute knitted outfit
Used baby clothes-Baby lying on a green rug in a cute knitted outfit

Surely there will be an enthusiastic audience of people happy to buy branded second-hand clothes in a new condition for a bargain price.

If you are in Australia and interested in buying or selling second-hand branded baby and kids clothes, you can check it out here.

Reducing the pollution of the textile industry

In new trends, we see businesses selling second-hand baby clothing. Selling and purchasing used baby clothes have significant benefits in reducing the consumption of textiles. The text e industry is the second biggest polluter worldwide, and many improvements must be made to improve the current pollution issues.

Organic textile certifications, such as G.O.T.S. (Global Organic Textile Standards), are making great efforts to reduce pollution. One of the significant issues with chemicals used in growing regular textile is that it washes down in rivers and pollute the environment, .and all wash down in the rivers polluting the environment.

Organic farmers are not using industrial chemicals to grow their crops. However, t is not a complete solution, and many other steps have to be taken; it is a big win to eliminate the chemicals in the process.

Purchasing used organic baby clothes

Recently I wrote an article about how organic or other non-toxic, high-quality baby clothes often have an expensive price tag and, therefore, are potentially less accessible for some people. Well, the good news is you can purchase pre-loved organic baby clothes online now. Or maybe even more suitable for newborns as they grow so very quickly; you can even rent them per month.

However, purchasing used organic baby clothes is still not cheap; it makes it a lot more affordable and accessible for more people who are interested in dressing their babies in organic baby clothes.

As organic baby clothes (from high-quality brands) are very durable, they are perfect for purchasing second-hand, and you will be able to sell them back after the baby is outgrown the garments as well. That sounds like a pretty good deal, right?

Non-toxic baby clothes have many benefits for babies’ sensitive skin and are super comfy and buttery soft. You don’t want anything else once you have felt the high-quality garments.

Always check Brands and labels, as the word organic gets misused in marketing often and can be used misleadingly.

For high-quality and durable garments, check for brands that are certified organic.

Organic clothes are grown without pesticides and herbicides, which minimises exposure to chemicals for your family and significantly reduces environmental pollution.

Unfortunately, regular cotton needs pesticides and herbicides to grow and harvest successfully.

Always check labels from brands to find clarity on the products your purchase.

We are renting new or used organic baby clothes.

If you are interested in purchasing used organic baby clothes, check out your options for renting baby clothes. Renting b by clothes is not only a sustainable and practical choice but also makes using premium organic baby clothes more accessible.

The process of renting organic baby clothes is pretty straightforward.

You can choose from the following options:

  • Size (0-3 months, 3-6 months, 6-9 months, 9-12 months, 12-18 months, 18-24 months)
  • Style (Classic, Playful or earth tone)
  • Conditions (New pre-loved)
  • Size of the bundle (Part-time bundle (22 items) or full-time bundle (56 items))
  • Climate(Clothes for warm or colder weather)
  •  Price (Partime bundle rent $49,- per month buy for $244,- Fulltime bundle rent $89,- purchase for $367,- *These prices are as per the time I write this article and potential change in the future*

New clothing sets from ‘up choose’ is 20-30% lower than retail price, and pre-loved (gently used) sets are 60-70% lower than retail price.

So no shopping around for a bit and pieces; everything is coordinated for you by ‘Up choose’, and you make those few choices to personalise your used organic baby clothes set. Pretty awesome right?

Some organic brands they stock are:

  • Under The Nile
  • Finn + Emma
  • Kate Quinn,
  • Coloured Organics,
  • Burt’s Bees Baby
  • L’ovedbaby

Do you feel inspired to check out some pre-loved clothes?

Used baby clothes-Toddler-With-Sunglasses
Used baby clothes-Toddler, holding sunglasses on her nose.

Do you feel like you like trying out one of these used baby clothes options?

Your cheapest options for buying pre-loved baby clothes will likely be the ‘op shops’.  You may t lucky and score a fabulous outfit for a bargain price. Alternatively, you may be interested in donating some baby clothes to one of the many ‘op shops’.

If ‘op shops’ are not for you, maybe you feel inspired to sell or purchase through a childhood website where used branded baby clothes are available in their online shops.

The garments are all in new condition, and you may pay a bit more money than in the ‘op shop’, but still an excellent opportunity to find a bargain outfit in a new condition. Alternatively, you could sell branded outfits if you have some idle lying around.

If you are interested in gently used organic baby clothes, you can learn more here.

But perhaps the second hand is not for you, but you still like to make a more sustainable choice? If so, you can always consider purchasing new organic baby clothes, which are still more sustainable than regular baby clothes.

High-quality organic baby clothes are perfect for selling when your baby has outgrown the clothing. You know how this is fairly easy-to-sell clothing with the ongoing trend of used organic baby clothes.

Generally, newborn baby clothes are only gently used as babies have outgrown the garments so very quickly. The clothing is only gently used, so they are perfect for selling as a pre-loved item.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope this article has given you some helpful information to utilise perhaps used baby clothes into your lifestyle.

For any feedback, please feel free to comment below, or you can use the contact form in the main menu.

We love to hear from you.



22 thoughts on “Trends In Used Baby Clothes-Used Organic Baby Clothes”

  1. Hello Jude!

    I remember, when I was a child, my mom and her friends were exchanging used clothes all the time for their babies. Kids grow pretty fast and that saves money. It’s also beneficial for the environment. I also observed there are more and popular vintage shops, were used stuff get a second life. It is true that it’s getting more popular among young people. Hope this trend gonna grow. It would be great! I Love your website and this article, a lot of useful information, where to look for used baby clothes. Thank you.

    • Hi Dario, thank you so much for your kind comment. It is great to hear your mum had the opportunity to pre-loved items. I share your opinion and hope the trend will continue to grow to buy second hands items. Hopefully one day the postage expense will come down a little to make it even more attractive too but second-hand clothes online. Thank you so much for sharing your insight, I appreciate it. Jude

  2. I have a daughter who turned four-years-old three months ago. When she was a new baby, my wife and I bought some clothes for her. Since then, we mostly received baby clothes from my friends and neighbours who have a bit older daughters than mine.
    I am totally OK with the used clothes. Young children are growing up very fast, and even the new ones can be worn only for a season considering their growing size.
    Purchasing & selling used clothes is a great idea. You even indicated more benefits, such as saving the environment. If necessary, I will consider purchasing “used organic baby clothes”.
    Purchasing only the new baby clothes is thought to be a luxury & wasting money for me. When there is a great alternative, why don’t we make full use of it? This alternative will save both money and the environment. Thank you for sharing your suggestion.

    • Hi Jason, thank you so much for sharing your insight on the topic used baby clothes. How wonderful you had the opportunity to receive used baby items for your baby. It is so true what you say, babies outgrow their clothes so very fast. Sometimes they are only able to fit certain items for a couple of times.
      I am delighted you enjoyed the article and thank you for sharing your opinion on this matter. Best wishes Jude

  3. Thank you, Jude, for sharing your knowledge of used baby clothes. I don’t have children but remember wearing used clothes from family members and sharing my clothes as a child. I think going online for used baby clothes is economically wise since babies grow so fast. It’s also good to check out used clothes for infants in offline stores since babies usually have sensitive skin. I didn’t know Australia had so many second-hand organic baby clothing shops. That way, people who don’t want to spend much can still get name brand clothes for less the price if they choose to.

    In America, we have consignment shops and donation stores. They can be a little picky about the donations but I’m not sure if they clean clothes like baby clothes before selling them, or just throw them away. Good to learn what Australia and its online shops have to offer.



    • Hi Michelle, thank you for your reply. I think it is great to see the growing interest in used baby clothes. Good for the wallet, and good for the environment, it must be a win! Australia has many second-hand shops indeed. I presume people will give washed clothes when donating them to the charity shops, however, I would always wash it before use.
      Used organic clothes can be found online by clicking on the links in my article. The other option for used organic baby clothing is buying them from a shop where people can return their baby clothes when outgrown and buy the next size up. This could be a great help to keep wearing organic clothing for your baby affordable. What a great idea! You can check this company out in the following link if you like to have a read. Thank you for sharing the American structure of second-hand shops. Best wishes and thank you for stopping by. Jude

  4. So this website has come at the perfect time.  I am expecting my first new baby in 2 months, and I am feeling a lot of different emotions about this.  One of them being clothes.  I know that both of the babies grandmas are buying it a ton of clothes, but I am sure it will not be able to suffice all of the babies needs.  Buying used babies clothes sounds like a great solution.  I will talk to my better half about this and see if she is comfortable with going this route.  Thank you for the information.

    • Hi Eric, thank you for your response. Well, that sounds like there are exciting times ahead. Yes, this is very true, often there are many new clothes given as a gift by family, this may be the reason why there are so many second-hand clothes around. It is always an option to buy pre-loved clothing when the baby is a bit bigger and has outgrown the given clothes.

      I would recommend washing any baby clothing before first us. Either second hand or new, you never know where it has been. This way you out rule contamination of any germs and potentially any manufactury residue. Thank you for stopping by and enjoy the new beginning of your precious little miracle in a couple of months, enjoy every minute, they grow so very fast. Best wishes Jude

  5. In this day and age, it just makes sense to recycle anything that can be recycled. I live in New Zealand and come to live here 15 years ago after 30 years of travelling around the world.  The situation you mention around second hand clothes, other than hand me down family items was what I grew up with.  My mother would never have bought second-hand clothes, and we were not particularly well off in my younger years.

    I was amazed to find out that the previously loved movement is very much alive and kicking in NZ. In 2005 my 3 older children now 28, 24 and 21 were brought up with it, and they are huge fans of previously loved, all having built very stylish wardrobes in their own styles around it.

    The point though is that baby clothes which are worn for such a short period of time, given how quickly babies grow are in abundance and are very popular in these previously loved shops here.

    Great article and great idea thanks


    • Hi Hamish, thanks a lot for your lovely reply. It is beautiful to read that your children loved their pre-loved items so much, and they were all able to all built their own clothing style. You are very right, newborns are growing so very fast, often they only wear items a couple of times, and they are outgrown already. Great to hear that New Zealand is very active with their op shops as well like Australia.

      Thanks for stopping by and best wishes for you and your family.


  6. Great post you have here and thank you so much for sharing. Getting the offer to have used baby clothes is a great way to save a lot of funds. In fact, it helps us to stay ahead of the issues and problems of this lack of money. Since there are some strategic places to get used baby clothes that are really cheap and can help us to get real value for our money. Thanks

    • Thank you for your reply Rodarrick, I appreciate your comment.  I agree with you. However, I had not always this opinion. Lately, I have become more aware of our environment, which have changed my opinion is some topics.

      Some of my requirements for using second-hand clothing is that I would only buy it in excellent condition. I wash the items before first us as well and hang them in the hot sun to kill any possible germs. 

      Babies are little for such a short time and outgrow before you know it, so often second-hand clothing is available in a very new condition Ans you are very right, keeping on top of the finance is a great idea at all times, especially having children is an expensive hobby 😉

      Best wishes Jude

  7. Hello Jude, first the heading was something that captured my attention and I was really eager to see what you have there. Used clothes may seem like a taboo to lots of people and to date, there are a number of them who wouldn’t wear them for their babies, and I am part of that few. I have nothing against these clothes, I just feel they may have some skin or health issues on my baby going by the fact that their system isn’t strong enough to deal with germ and all, but as an adult, I wear some used clothes.

    • Hi Benson, thank you for your response. I understand your concern, and of course, we have to be very cautious with our precious babies with a not fully developed immune system. To be honest with you, I have not always been keen on the idea myself. However, lately, I have become more aware of our environment, and my opinions and choices have slightly changed.

      Of course, our baby’s health is a priority. I would only buy items in a very good condition and always wash baby clothes before use regardless; you never know where it comes from and where it has been in contact with. However, saying that, It is not a bad idea to do the same with new clothes as you don’t know where this has been in contact with either. There could be still manufacturing residue be left on the clothing as well.

      It may not be for everybody, and that’s ok, each for their own, that keeps our world an interesting place:)

      I appreciate your response and thank you for stopping by.


  8. Hey Jude, thanks for the awesome article.  Coming from a large family, hand-me-downs were part of the deal.  Buying and selling second-hand clothes is an awesome idea.  Why not?  I never realised there was such a thing as organic clothes.  I try to learn something new every day.  Your article allows me to check that off my list for today.  Great job.  Keep up the good work. Take care.


    • Ho Bob, thanks for your response. I can imagine that growing up in a big family will involve lots of hands down, that makes total sense. I have experience with this as well as having 3 sisters. I was the second and when I was getting older I didn’t always appreciate it that much. Having children is so very expensive and saving money on clothing leaves more budget for other necessitys. Thank you for your kind words. Jude

  9. Hello! Jude, thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful article. Your article is very informative. I gained a lot of knowledge by reading your article, which is very helpful to me. I have a baby, and I exchange my baby clothes and my baby clothes all day with my girlfriends. I think kids grow up fast and they have to buy new clothes for them. This way, I saved my time and money by giving my girlfriend’s baby clothes. I think buying children’s clothing online is excellent. As children’s skin is sensitive, there is a lot to consider in their clothing. Because of this, I am buying online; it is beneficial for saving time and money. At the same time, I think that by looking at many brands at once, the choice of clothing can be chosen online. I always buy Organic-Cotton baby clothes for my baby.

    My sister lives in America, and since she has this facility, I will be reaching out to you for your article. She will be very pleased and will share her new experiences with you. Can I share your article on my social media?

    • Thanks a lot for your lovely response. You are very right. They grow op so quickly; they outgrow their clothes before you know it. It is excellent you have the opportunity to exchange clothing for your baby with friends. Good on you.

      I love organic cotton too and buy it if I can; it is so very soft for babies skin.

      Thank you for sharing my article, that is very kind of you. I hope it is helpful for your sister. Send me a message any time if you have some questions I can help with.

      Best wishes to you and your family.


  10. Thank you so much for sharing an excellent article. The main content of this article is Used Baby Clothes, known as a Second-Hand trend now. Used baby clothes are very popular for children who cannot afford brand or high-cost clothes. The topic mentioned in your article is most familiar in Australia. In Australia, most people buy used Baby Clothes.

    While in Australia I brought some clothes for my friend Mahmood’s daughter, which is very good quality and these are used clothes. Although these are used clothes, they are a very good brand and high-quality clothing that is beyond the reach of ordinary people.

    Finally, a new idea to thank you again for sharing with us and I would like to share this educational article with everyone so that everyone can learn a lot from here.

    • Thanks a lot for your lovely reply. How nice you bring clothing over for your family. I was checking out the other day some branded baby dresses, and I wash amazed about the prices of some of the items. You are right; high-quality clothing is just perfect for the second third and fourth use. Baby only wear it for such a short time, and the quality of the more expensive brands are long-lasting.

      I have noticed that the choice to buy second-hand clothing is not always a matter of the budget of people as well. I think some people choose to buy second hand because they feel it is a better choice for the environment. Also, there is such an abundance of choice second hand, and many things are in such an excellent condition that it makes sense that the second-hand market is thriving.

      Thanks a lot for stopping by and your valuable comment.

      Best wishes to you and your family.


  11. The topic mentioned in your article is most familiar in Australia. In Australia, most people buy used Baby Clothes. Your article is very informative. I gained a lot of knowledge by reading your article, which is very helpful to me.

    I have a baby, and I exchange babies clothes with my girlfriends baby clothes regularly. I think kids grow up fast and we have to buy new clothes for them. I am buying online; this is beneficial for saving time and money. Thanks for sharing excellent information.

    • Thanks a lot for your comment, I appreciate it. It is great to have the opportunity to exchange baby clothing with your friends or getting hands-down items. As you say, they outgrow their clothes so very fast when they are little. You can safe a lot of money and benefit the environment at the same time. Thanks a lot for stopping by. Best wishes to you and your family. Jude


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