Best Baby clothes for newborn babies with sensitive skin

However, one baby’s skin is even more sensitive than the next baby’s. Yet, all babies have sensitive skin to different degrees and deciding on the best baby clothes for babies’ sensitive skin is a commonly asked question many parents like to answer.

However, not everyone would agree, and there may not be one answer to be the only right one; there are a few basics you can keep in mind when selecting baby clohtes for sensitive skin, which may help you decide easier which clothes to go with.

Did you know that even one baby brand has been Awarded the Seal Of Acceptance from the National Eczema Association?

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Best Baby clothes for newborn babies with sensitive skin

If you are deciding on baby clothes for babies with sensitive skin, keep in mind to go for natural materials and ensure the clothes are free of any chemicals by choosing certified clothing to minimize the chances of irritating your baby’s sensitive skin.

What fabric is best for sensitive baby skin?

Firstly, it is essential when choosing the best fabric for your baby’s sensitive skin to consider a brand that uses natural fibre for their baby clothes and ideally is certified with a standard as well that tests their baby clohtes are safe and free of harmful toxins that could harm your baby and irritated your babies skin.

Two of the most common fabrics for babies with sensitive skin are Bamboo and organic cotton. Or sometimes, the two fabrics are also used by some baby clohtes brands.

Please note, don’t stop reading here, though, as there are some important details to add to this information…

#1 Bamboo (Oeko-tex certified)

When researching baby clothes for your baby’s sensitive skin, you may have heard about the benefits of Bamboo.

Bamboo is cool to wear for the skin, absorbent and super soft.

Quite a few brands were launched by mums with issues with their kids having sensitive skin and looking for the best options for their babies.

Remember that Bamboo is not officially considered a natural fabric and needs a lot of processing with additives to create super soft, breathable bamboo baby clothes that are as soft as they often are; hence, look for certified bamboo baby clothes tested to be safe.

However, bamboo baby clothes can not be certified with G.O.T.S as this standard does not consider Bamboo as an organic fibre; a few bamboo baby clothes brands use Oeko-tex to let their clothes be tested to be safe from harmful chemicals.

Did you know that one of the Bamboo brands, Bellabu Bear, is even been Awarded the Seal Of Acceptance from the National Eczema Association as the only kids’ clothing brand?

Bamboo Baby Clothing | Softest Family Matching Sets

#2 Organic cotton (G.O.T.S certified)

Organic cotton is the fabric choice for baby clothes suitable for babies with sensitive skin.

As you may have noticed, organic cotton is a trendy fabric choice for various reasons.

The higher quality organic cotton is luxuriously and soft, cool in summer and warm in winter, and is an eco-friendly choice, which is a preferred

Organic cotton is also hypoallergenic, which minimizes the chances it will irritate the skin; hence, if you want to increase your chances of finding baby clohtes that are most gentle for your baby’s skin, look for organic cotton baby clothes that are certified with G.O.T.S.

Baby clothes made from 100% G.O.T.S certified organic cotton or tested to be free of harmful substances will all help to increase your chances of no harsh chemicals or other irritants touching your baby’s skin as possibly found in non-organic clothing.

Final thoughts on the best baby clothes for babies with sensitive skin?

Bamboo and Organic cotton can be good options when shopping for baby clothes that are most suitable for babies with sensitive skin.

Both brands could have pros and cons, which eventually boil down to personal preferences and small details.

Perhaps it could be a good idea to try both fabrics to see which material you like better for your baby before you order more of one particular fabric or brand could be a good idea to consider.

Whatever fabric or brand you go with, check for Oeko tex or G.O.T.S to have peace of mind that the baby clohtes you buy are tested to be free of harmful substances, which will be essential when shopping for babies’ delicate skin.

What is your favourite fabric?

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  1. Very informative and intelligent post.

    I learned so much about cotton, bamboo, and hemp.

    I also did not know that cotton was hypoallergenic.

    It seems like cotton and hemp would go best above all else.

    I love how you mention that just because they are better options that reduce pesticides doesn’t mean that there aren’t any pesticides present. This is very rational, grounded, pragmatic advice. 

    • Thank you for your kind comment, and I am happy that this post on best baby clothes for newborn babies with sensitive skin was informative for you. Hemp baby clothes might be a bit harder to find, but Oeko-Tex bamboo or certified organic cotton baby clothes are great options too and more accessible. 

      You can learn more about Oeko-tex bamboo baby clothes here and more about organic cotton baby clothes here if you are interested.

      Have a great day, and thank you for stopping by.


  2. Most new born babies do have sensitive skin and ensuring that one gets the best clothes for them is very key. The details and pints you have given on how to get the best clothes for new born babies with sensitive skin will be of great help to mothers who just out to bed and also to fathers whose wife just out to bed. Great job on this one.

    • Hi, there we are happy to hear the information about the best baby clothes for newborn babies with sensitive skin was helpful for you. Many parents would probably have loved to know this information before they become parents as you can reduce the chances at least when you know how to reduce the chances of skin irritation from garments.

      Feel free to share our article if there are new mums who can take advantage of this article.

      Have a great day and week ahead and thank you for stopping by.



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