Best Gender Neutral Baby Clothes-{100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON}

Where can we find the best Gender Neutral Baby Clothes? Unisex baby clothes don’t have to be white, but it shouldn’t

Best gender neutral baby clothes-Certified organic unisex baby romper 'the lamas'.
Best gender neutral baby clothes-Certified organic unisex baby romper ‘the lamas’.

be strongly feminine or masculine either, but it can definitely be colourful though.

Baby clothes are often strongly gender-specific. Some people love the typical pink for the girls, and baby blue for the boys, but others dislike gender-specific baby clothes for various reasons and prefer to dress bub in gender neutral baby clothes.

Some parents have profound reasons to believe that we shouldn’ dress a newborn baby in strong gender-specific baby clothes, but they believe in the benefits of letting the newborn baby just be a baby.

In the old days, babies were seen as a baby, while now babies are more seen as a mini version of our self and that is exactly what the baby fashion styles of 2020 mirrors.

In this article, we go over 5 reasons why parents choose unisex baby clothes and we learn where online we can find some of the best gender neutral baby clothes.


What are gender-neutral or unisex baby clothes?

Gender-neutral baby clothes are back in fashion, and the popularity is on the rise. Unisex clothing is often seen in natural colours. However, gender-neutral clothes or unisex clothes can have colours as well. The only thing it shouldn’t have is intense gender-specific colours.

However we don’t see this often yet, the unisex baby clothes could be colourful and still be gender-neutral, as long as the colours are not gender-specific. Parents can select outfits for their baby and decide for themselves what they would buy for their baby without the opinion from the retailer of the item belongs to a boy or a girl and have a gender-specific label on the item.

One of the philosophies of a parent choosing gender neutral baby clothes is that the parent doesn’t want to enforce a strong identity on the newborn baby. As the baby is just born and the personality from the baby is not known yet, just let it be a baby, for now, identity comes later.

Why parents or carers choose unisex clothes

Different factors have influenced the suggestions to dress your baby in gender-specific clothes, but initially, all babies have worn pretty much the same outfit and colour white.

Choosing to dress your baby in gender-neutral clothing can be done for several reasons.

One of the reasons parents or carers prefers gender-neutral baby clothes is to avoid intense labelling regarding babies yet unknown identity.

  • One profound thought of choosing gender-neutral baby clothes is minimizing our opinion on what the child should be. The idea is really to let a baby be a baby and leave identity as much as possible open.
  • Gender identity is the sense of persons own gender, and on average, the child’s gender identity is formed at the aged of three. After this age, it is tough to change and potentially can cause gender dysphoria.
  • Now I don’t want to get too deep into this complex topic, but learning more about this profound thought of choosing gender-natural clothes for a baby is some food for the views to overthink.
  • Some parents who choose to dress their child in gender neutral baby clothes are making a statement to their child, the environment, and the society to not limid their identity by the expectations society have of their gender.
  • The child is encouraged to be who it is supported to be, and the parent or carer teaches the child that your gender doesn’t restrict with specific colours. EG. If a boy likes pink, this shouldn’t be an issue. They choose to break free from gender restriction and to encourage the child to grow into the person they are without gender opinionated limitations.
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100% Organic Gender Neutral Baby Clothes
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  •  The other reason parents choose for unisex clothing could be because they want not to know the gender of the baby they are expecting.
  • One more reason why choosing unisex clothing could be the parent prioritizing a sustainable lifestyle.
  • When purchasing high-quality clothing, such as certified organic cotton, and selecting for unisex baby clothes, will allow them to use the unisex baby clothes for future siblings as well regardless it will be boys or girls.
  • This idea would most probably not work with fast fashion baby clothes as they simply don’t last but with high-quality items, it would be a great way to safe your self money and to reduce landfill with buying and throwing fewer baby clothes.
  • Unisex baby clothes are a great for a baby shower gift as well. At the same time, parents may not know no the gender it beautiful and natural as you never know the taste and thoughts from the future parents of gender-specific clothing.


Do you know that pink used to be the colour for boys?

Best gender neutral baby clothes-baby girl in pink dress
Best gender neutral baby clothes-baby girl in pink dress

When the mid 19s arrived, the trend on gender-specific colours started. Pink has not always been a colour specific for girls. Back in the old days, red and pink used to be a masculine colour considered for men and a lighter version for the boys. However,  people were increasingly choosing the colour pink for girls while shopping for items, and therefor pink become gradually accepted for girls in the 1940s.

Red and pink were chosen as a boy colour’ was because those colours are intense colour, and therefore more suitable for a boy. While On the other hand, blue is a more delicate colour and more suitable for a girl. However, this might be true, the costumers decided differently, and the manufacturers and retailers changed to societies wish to change the gender-specific colouring the other way around.

Different factors have influenced the suggestions to dress your baby in gender-specific clothes, but initially, all babies have worn pretty much the same outfit and coloured white.

 Is gender natural baby clothes is a new trend?

No, not at all. Before 1950 there was no such thing as gender-specific colours for baby clothes. Baby clothes were just natural coloured cotton. White cotton is much more practical anyway’s for baby clothing as this way baby clothes were suitable to bleach and get stains removed quickly to keep baby clothes nice and clean.

Several influences have changed how babies are getting dressed, and one of the influencers is the amniocentesis test introduced in the 1980s. With these tests, women had a chance to find out of the baby they wear expecting had any abnormalities. And you can probably guess what the side effect was of taking this test? Yes, that is right: a reliable prediction of the gender would become a new possibility for new parents.

Best gender neutral baby clothes-Baby boy dressed in specific baby gender outfit
Best gender neutral baby clothes-Baby boy dressed in specific baby gender outfit

With this change of knowing the gender of the baby parents were expecting, they started to buy more specific items for the gender of the baby they are expecting, as parents were aware of they wear expecting a boy or a girl now.

While babies’ previously were just seen as babies’, the change of knowing babies’ gender during pregnancy, brought a difference in the behaviour how parents choice items for the baby they were expecting. Often more gender-specific colours for the baby was chosen.

With this change, newborn babies are often not just a baby anymore, but they become more like mini versions of adults.

Gender-neutral baby clothes don’t have to be plain white.

Each for their own, and some may prefer very natural colours for their little bundle of joy, and others may like colours but want the baby clothes to be gender-specific. Well, we see coloured unisex clothing less, and you may have to search a bit harder, but there are gender natural baby clothes who are not plain white.

The best gender neutral baby clothes will be different for each parent, but it is great to know more choice become available. Not only for babies unisex clothing trends are on the rise, we see the trend across the whole industry. More people start shopping outside there gender label and like to buy items they can identify with.

There are many big brands such as H&M having a unisex line to respond to current social needs. There is a lot to do around gender natural trends, and people from today not tolerate to be pushed in a position they feel uncomfortable. People want to be who they are, and it is up to clothing lines to respond accordingly to this needs to keep op with the newest trends and be a fashion brand of the future.


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Why choosing gender neutral baby clothes can be beneficial.

My girls have both a lot of gender-specific clothing items. I have not always been aware of the benefits of unisex clothes for babies’, but learning more about gender-neutral clothes and the thoughts behind it, I can see potential benefits why people choose to dress babies gender-neutral. I understand better now that parents want the best gender neutral baby clothes for several different reasons.

When bringing up children, I think on the top of our priority list of things we wish for our children, is happiness and to learn how they can create there own happiness independently in their lives.

Of course, there are many pieces to do the puzzle, but teaching our children they can be who they are is a great start. The thought to not enforce identity on a newborn baby sounds like a great start of their journey ahead, and maybe some of us may have never learned this early in their own life.

Other than that, there are practical choices for choosing gender-neutral clothing as well, such as the opportunity to use baby clothes for future siblings.

Unisex clothing is not every parent’s cup of tea, and that is just perfectly fine. Surely there are many different ways and philosophies our children will be brought op and we surely never going to agree or even understand each other all the time.

The main thing is a child is growing up with unconditional love, and  I believe that one of the most important things is to discover your parenting style, fitting you and your family. I think finding your parenting style is a journey and highly beneficial for yourself and your family and children.

Now of you choose for gender-specific baby clothes or gender neutral baby clothes, there is no right or wrong I believe, but there is some solid and interesting food for the brain to ponder upon.

Do you dress you, baby, in gender-neutral clothing or more gender-specific? Please share your thoughts and opinions; we would love to hear from you in the comment section below.



4 thoughts on “Best Gender Neutral Baby Clothes-{100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON}”

  1. I can definitely see how gender-neutral clothing for babies would be very popular now because of the current social climate. Personally, I don’t think it matters what colours you put on your baby as long as you like the outfits. A big reason I could see people wanting gender-neutral clothing, especially before birth, is that many people still don’t want to find out the babies biological sex until birth. Another is that sometimes, the biological sex told is incorrect and the parents still have to figure something out after birth. This happened to a friend of mine. Gender-neutral clothing would have helped avoid the dilemma of not having what is perceived to be “proper” clothing for the child. 

    • Thanks a lot for your valid comment Brandi. You are very right and I think the trend around gender-neutral baby clothes will have a lot to do around the social climate at the moment. 

      Like many others, I choose not to find out the gender of both of my girls during pregnancy , but I think nowadays most people choose to do find out the gender as soon as possible. This probably is why the gender-specific clothing have become so popular, however it looks like we are turning a corner and the gender-neutral baby clothes turning into a real trend. 

      No right or wrong, trends always change and we all make choices what feels right to us. For me, it is interesting to understand the profound thoughts of parents choosing gender neutral baby clothes.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your insight on unisex clothing, I appreciate it a lot.


  2. Hello, first off a really interesting full of an information post you got there congratulations on your work. I was thinking all along like the people you mentioned that the colour must match the gender but after reading it all I got to the conclusion that those are just clothes and they don’t matter for your baby so why not be original and show that your family is not like every average family. I looked at the shop and some of the stuff is really cute and when I have a baby in the future maybe I will try something more original like. The market for clothes is very big worldwide and I need to ask looking at your website what do you think of the baby clothes with animation characters on them, some of them may be seen as unisex too.

    Have a good day and I wish you well.

    • Hi Stefan, thanks a lot for your comment.  I am not all sure which clothing garments your refer too, but if you used the button this should refer you to all unisex clothing items including the unisex baby clothes on my website. Most of them are orange, yellow and green coloured clothing garments and they are all made with 100% certified cotton as well.
      To check out Organic unisex baby clothes you can use this link too 🙂

      I hope this is helpful to you. I wish you a great day.



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