What are the best Gender Neutral Baby Clothes in the U.S.A?

What are the best Gender Neutral Baby Clothes in the U.S.A?

What is gender neutral baby clothing?-Baby sitting on a white rug in a cute gender neutral outfit.
What is gender neutral baby clothing?-Babysitting on a white rug in a cute gender neutral outfit.

As the name explains, Gender Neutral clothing is suitable for both baby boys and girls. However, did you know that garments can still be colourful to be gender-neutral, they just shouldn’t contain feminine or masculine details.

Today we like to briefly touch base on what gender-neutral baby clothes are and which gender-neutral baby clothes are best for your babies delicate skin but are also put less strain on the environment leaving a smaller footprint.

What are gender-neutral baby clothes?

Gender-neutral baby clothes are back in fashion, and the popularity is on the rise. Unisex clothing often has natural colors. However, gender-neutral clothes, also known as unisex clothes, can be colorful as well.
What is Gender Neutral Baby clothing?-Baby in grey colored outfit including a cute hat with clouds print.
What is Gender Neutral Baby clothing?-Baby in grey coloured outfit including a cute hat with clouds print.
Colourful baby clothes can be entirely gender-neutral as long as it is not intense gender-specific coloured and free of any other feminine or masculine touches.

‘However dresing baby gender neutral can be done for practial reasons, did you know that dressing babies gender-neutral also is done to avoid influencing babies’ identity?

What is gender identity?

Gender identity is the sense of a persons’ gender, and on average, the child’s gender identity is formed at the age of three. After this age, it is tough to change and potentially can cause gender dysphoria.

Now, we don’t want to get too deep into this complex topic, but learning more about the profound thought of choosing gender-natural clothes is some interesting food for the brain, though, and a word to have a little ponder about.

Is gender-neutral baby clothes a new fashion style?

No, not all.

In the old days, babies always used to be dressed in white outfits, and this was not only more convenient for washing, but in the older days, babies’ were also seen differently than in today’s society.

What is Gender neutral baby clothes?-Family of tree holding a ultrasound image.
What is Gender-neutral baby clothes?-A family of three holding an ultrasound image.

Today’s babies are more seen as ‘mini-adults and often also dressed this way (think about the matching family-style outfits). In the older days, babies were dressed without vital gender adjustments.

When did this all change?

When new technology came around the corner and expecting parents had the opportunity to have an ultrasound to find out the gender of their unborn baby, things started to change. Designers started to make garments with gender-specific colours. Parents started to shop differently now they knew what gender their expecting baby would have, and gender-specific outfits became popular.

#3 Reasons why people choose for t gender-neutral baby clothes today.

Some reasons people choose to dress their baby gender neutral are…

  1. Avoiding labelling newborn babies identity- Some parents believe that dressing their baby neutral helps avoid labelling babies yet unknown. By avoiding vital gender-specific outfits, babies individuality is encouraged to keep open and external opinions about what babies ‘should be’ are minimized.

2. The gender of a newborn baby is unknow-While most people find out these days that they are pregnant from a boy or girl, some still value keeping the gender a surprise what will be unwrapped during the special day of birth.

What is Gender Neutral Baby Clothes?-Organic cotton baby gift set including handmade toy.
What are Gender Neutral Baby Clothes?-Organic cotton baby gift set including a handmade toy.

Obviously, it will be hard to shop for babies clothes when the gender of the baby remains unknown till delivery, and in this case, parents will often choose gender-neutral baby clothes.

3. Baby shower gifts-When you like to bring a gift to a baby shower, you are invited to, and the gender of the baby is unknown; there are multiple options for organic gender-natural baby clothing gifts sets that will make great unique gifts to spoil your loved ones with.

#3 Reasons why Organic Gender Neutral baby clothes are best?

Choosing organic has many benefits for your baby and the environment. Organic baby clothes have increasingly been gaining popularity, and it is understandably why.

Better for your baby-Organic baby clothes are softer, safer and comfier for your baby, but also more durable and have the potential to give you a return on investment.

Better for the environment-Organic cotton is grown without synthetic chemicals that have significant benefits for the environment. Did you know that conventional cotton uses many toxins, and the chemicals washed down the plants pollute the soil and locals waterways?

Better for the farmers-When choosing organic cotton, you directly influence the quality of life of cotton farmers. Farmers working on organic cotton farms have a much safer workplace than farmers working on conventional cotton farms, regularly exposed to dangerous chemicals, and face serious health issues. Even deaths amongst farmers working on those farms are not uncommon events.

However, organic baby clothes have many benefits. Generally, they are not the cheapest choice, which can be a con when you have a smaller budget. Still, today’s market does see more affordable organic baby clothes choices and are still genuine organic, which makes dressing your baby in gender-neutral organic baby clothes more accessible.

Where to buy Organic Gender-Neutral baby clothes in the U.S.A?

While most organic baby brands have a designated collection of gender-neutral garments, organic brands in the U.S.A have their entire brand designated to be gender-neutral.

One of the brands that are certified organic, super cute and entirely gender-neutral is Tenth and pine. And to top it op, their unique garments are locally made in the U.S.A, which is rather exceptional.

Additionally, there is Finn+Emma which is a great U.S based brand that craft premium organic baby clothes and have quite a bit of choice for gender-neutral graphic bodysuits.

A mentioned before gender-neutral outfits don’t can perfectly be colourful and if you are into colours Finn+Emma’s gender-neutral jumpsuits, rompers and footies that are all 100% G.O.T.S certified might be worth checking out for you.

Wrap up for the Best Gender Neutral Baby Clothes

Gender-neutral baby clothes are popular among parents and carers. While some belief in the benefits of dressing a baby gender neutral to avoid influencing a baby’s identity with gender-specific colours, others browse for unisex clothing as they don’t know their gender.

Gender-neutral baby clothes can be a great gift choice for a baby shower as well. In our opinion, Especially the gender-neutral baby clothes gift sets with handmade toys are a unique gift many mums would be happy to receive and are the perfect reflection of today’s sustainable lifestyle trends.

Have you dressed your baby neutral or gender-specific?


4 thoughts on “What are the best Gender Neutral Baby Clothes in the U.S.A?”

  1. I can definitely see how gender-neutral clothing for babies would be very popular now because of the current social climate. Personally, I don’t think it matters what colours you put on your baby as long as you like the outfits. A big reason I could see people wanting gender-neutral clothing, especially before birth, is that many people still don’t want to find out the babies biological sex until birth. Another is that sometimes, the biological sex told is incorrect and the parents still have to figure something out after birth. This happened to a friend of mine. Gender-neutral clothing would have helped avoid the dilemma of not having what is perceived to be “proper” clothing for the child. 

    • Thanks a lot for your valid comment Brandi. You are very right and I think the trend around gender-neutral baby clothes will have a lot to do around the social climate at the moment. 

      Like many others, I choose not to find out the gender of both of my girls during pregnancy , but I think nowadays most people choose to do find out the gender as soon as possible. This probably is why the gender-specific clothing have become so popular, however it looks like we are turning a corner and the gender-neutral baby clothes turning into a real trend. 

      No right or wrong, trends always change and we all make choices what feels right to us. For me, it is interesting to understand the profound thoughts of parents choosing gender neutral baby clothes.

      Thanks a lot for sharing your insight on unisex clothing, I appreciate it a lot.


  2. Hello, first off a really interesting full of an information post you got there congratulations on your work. I was thinking all along like the people you mentioned that the colour must match the gender but after reading it all I got to the conclusion that those are just clothes and they don’t matter for your baby so why not be original and show that your family is not like every average family. I looked at the shop and some of the stuff is really cute and when I have a baby in the future maybe I will try something more original like. The market for clothes is very big worldwide and I need to ask looking at your website what do you think of the baby clothes with animation characters on them, some of them may be seen as unisex too.

    Have a good day and I wish you well.

    • Hi Stefan, thanks a lot for your comment.  I am not all sure which clothing garments your refer too, but if you used the button this should refer you to all unisex clothing items including the unisex baby clothes on my website. Most of them are orange, yellow and green coloured clothing garments and they are all made with 100% certified cotton as well.
      To check out Organic unisex baby clothes you can use this link too 🙂

      I hope this is helpful to you. I wish you a great day.



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