Does Ralph Lauren baby clothes run small?

Does Ralph Lauren’s baby clothes run small? Choosing the right size of baby clothes can be tricky when you are trying out a brand for the first time, as between brands, the sizing differences are significant.

Ralph Lauren is known for its excellent quality and classic style that is well sought after. Yet its sizing is a bit unique compared to most other baby brands.

Today we go over the American designer brand Ralph Lauren to learn more about their sizing from their elegant baby clothes styles to help you find the correct sizing for your baby.

How does Ralph Lauren baby clothes sizing work?

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Does Ralph Lauren’s baby clothes run small?

There is not much disagreement between regulars about Ralph Lauren baby clothes sizing, and a united opinion clarifies that these American icon designer brand for your bub runs SMAL. Even Ralph Lauren in house advice is sizing up when in doubt as their baby clothes are cut small.

How does Ralph Lauren Baby clothing fit?

Ralph Lauren baby clothes fitting is designed to provide a rounder shape body while the toddler clothing is more prepared to fit an active slimmer toddler..’

Also, remember that the size number doesn’t refer to age and is approximal only.

How do Ralph Lauren’s baby sizes work?

Ralph Laurens classic baby pieces are available from newborn up to 24 months. Most designs are available in newborn sizes up to 9 months or from 6 months to 24 months.

Remember that the sizing is only approximately cut small, so sizing up is recommended in most cases.

Do Ralph Lauren baby clothes shrink?

Cotton is the most used raw material from Ralph Lauren. You will see this back in their stylish baby collection, mainly made from 100% cotton, also available by up-market departments store Marcus Nieman.

Cotton is susceptible to shrinking during the washing and drying of clothing. Therefore, it is crucial to follow correct washing instructions to avoid heavy shrinking. Avoiding dryers are a known issue to shrink clothing, especially clothes made with 100% cotton.

Did you size up for Ralph Lauren baby clothing?

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