Does Mini Boden run true to size?

Boden is a British brand selling high-quality classic Preppy-style clothing for the whole family. However, Mini Boden is widely sold across many countries, including the U.S., yet their sizing is the U.K. and different from U.S. sizing.

Online clothing is currently the most common shopping behaviour of many families, and you can find Mini Boden clothing in various locations online.

Getting sizing accurate can be tricky while purchasing clothing online, but with our review today, you should have all the info to find the sizes you need for your child to stock up on Mini Boden.

Does Mini Boden run true to size?

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Does Mini Boden run true to size?

While the baby clothes sizes from Mini Boden are mostly considered slightly snug, the larger kids’ sizes are generally reviewed to run somewhat big in the opinion of most customers.

Hence, before ordering Mini Boden online, it is advisable to grab a centimetre/weight and refer to Boden’s sizing chart to get the most suitable size for your child, as Boden is unique compared to most other kids’ fashion brands.

Mini Boden Size chart

You can view the Mini Boden Size Chart underneath…

Is Mini Boden true to size?-Mini Boden sizing chart.
Mini Boden sizing chart.

Checking Mini Boden’s product reviews to help to order correct sizing…

In addition to the Mini Bodens size chart, individual product reviews on the BodensUSA website can give you detailed information on how specific items have worked for families that have already purchased the items you are interested in.

To read the full-size chart for Boden outfits for kids, visit


England – and scroll to the Bodem of the website to find the ‘shop with us’ option and select Sizing to view the complete kids’ sizing chart for Mini Boden.

Measuring your child

Measuring your child’s sizes is best to help order the correct dimensions for your child’s new Mini Boden outfit. Hence, babies need not be measured as birth sizes are calculated by weight.

For children ages 18 months to 9 years old, you can get your measurement tape out and measure your child’s height, waist, and chest to find the correct Mini Boden sizing.

Does Mini Boden use U.K. or U.S. sizes?

However, Boden is not made in the U.K.; their style and sizes are very British.

As you may know, U.K. sizes are generally larger than U.S. sizes, so you likely need a different dimension of Mini Boden than any other kids’ clothes brands in the wardrobe.

Yet, did you know that U.K. sizes are similar to Australian sizes?

Hence, referring to Mini Boden’s size chart is advisable to ensure purchasing correct sizing, as each brand can vary significantly.

How does Mini Boden sizing work?

For Mini Boden’s clothing, you may come across outfits with either single-age sizes, such as size 3 or 4, or more fit-critical styles. But dual measures are also used for Mini Boden garments, such as 3-4 or 4-5 for clothes with little wiggle room.

However, most Mini Boden baby is slightly snug; larger sizes are often considered quite generous for most kids. Still, it is best practice to confirm accurate sizing using Mini Boden’s Size chart to ensure you order the best-fitting sizes for your child.

Final thoughts

If you reside in Australia and plan to check out mini Boden, the U.K. sizing is similar to Australian sizes. However, the British sizing is entirely different from European and U.S.A. kids’ sizes.

If you plan to buy your mini Boden outfits online, use the available Mini Boden size chart, which is the most accurate and will refer you to the correct sizes for your child’s needs.

Also, check the individual product reviews on Boden’s website, which can be helpful with specific product information about the fitting of particular outfits you may be interested in.

Does Mini Boden run true to size for your child?

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