Goumikids Review-Is Goumi Sustainable?

Goumikids is yet another children’s wear brand focused on using Bamboo Viscose and organic cotton for their products.

As for Goumid kids, founders Linsey Fuller and Lili Yeo, both mums themselves, the functionality of the products they sell with their brand would be a top priority.

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GoumiKids Review-(Is Goumi Sustainable?)

Shop organic cotton and bamboo clothing for baby, big kid and women on Goumikids.com

Goumikids is a well-reviewed kids brand that focuses on comfort, Sustainability and Functionality.

Although Goumi kids are well-reviewed regarding functionality and comfort, there is very little transparency or details shared about their sustainable efforts to determine whether Goumikids is a sustainable, eco-friendly brand.

Their membership with the Rewear program Kidizen, on the other hand, shows initiative to positively influence sustainable efforts to motivate the use of pre-loved high-quality clothing.

Shop bamboo and organic cotton clothing for baby, big kid and you on goumikids.com

What are Goumikids?

Goumikids was founded in 2010, like many other kids’ clothing brands, by two mums who couldn’t find the baby products they were looking for.

Finally, Linsey Fuller and Lili Yeo, the founder of Goumikids, felt like there was space for an organic and sustainable baby brand that was functional.

However, their initial inspiration was creating mittens that would work and stay on babies’ little hands so they wouldn’t scratch themselves while the mittens usually fall off. The brand grows out too much more than baby mittens, indeed.

Where to buy GoumiKids?

While you can find a variety of Goumikids in quite a few locations across America and online in Stores like BuyBuyBaby or Target, a wide range of Goumi Kids is available at their front store on Amazon.

Yet, for the complete collection of Goumi Kids, check out their official Goumi.com website.

What are Goumi’s signature products?

Goumi is a respected baby brand with a wide range of products for babies and kids, and even there is a section for mums.

Goumi has grown into a brand covering a wide range of quality products for babies, kids and mums, and underneath, we share just a few popular choices from GoumiKids that are soft, cozy and functional.

Adjustable Boots and Mittens-

Famous signature products for Goumi kids include their Mittens and Boots, designed for both comforts and functionality not to fall off little hands and toes to keep them warm and cozy available in tons of different designs and prints.

Goumi’s Little Boots have a two-part adjustable closing system to ensure your baby boots remain secure on your baby’s feet and have some space to grow with them.

Likewise, the mittens also have a two-part closure system where you can adjust the fitting, giving babies some space to grow.

Sleeping wear for baby and kids-

Goumi’s products are made from a mixture of Bamboo viscose and Organic cotton, which are super-soft materials with excellent properties to make comfy sleeping products.

Goumikids have Wearable blankest, sleeping bags and footed suits for babies. But also pj’s for kids and women are available.

Final thoughts for Goumi kid’s clothes

Goumikids is a well-reviewed brand for quality baby clothes made from bamboo viscose and organic cotton. It is especially famous for its sleeping wear, mitties, and booties that stay on little feet and toes.

You can find quite a few discounted items at the Goumikids website under the sales section, yet be aware that sales items can be slightly different from items sold for total prices, such as slight colour or size differences.

Additionally, Goumikids don’t appear to share transparent information about their sustainable and eco-friendly efforts to determine whether Goumikds is sustainable.

For bamboo brands that are proactive and transparent in their sustainable efforts, you could check out brands like Boody.

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