Is Ralph Lauren better than Tommy Hilfiger for designer baby clothes?

Is Ralph Lauren better than Tommy Hilfiger when you are interested in adding some designer pieces to your baby’s wardrobe? Ralph Lauren and Tommy Hilfiger can be great options when you consider designer clothes for your baby, yet don’t expect that Ralph Lauren outfits are automatically better because they are from Ralph Lauren.

Is Ralp Lauren Beter than Tommy Hilfiger?

While the quality difference between the labels of Ralph Lauren is significant, even the more affordable pieces are generally speaking still considered better quality than Tommy Hilfiger or Calvin Klein. Hence, it can be tricky to select good quality Ralph Lauren items as some of the more affordable pieces sold under their brand name can be considered quite ordinary. Additionally, not everyone will appreciate Ralph Lauren preppy but classic designs and may identify more with Tommy Hilfiger’s classy style that is slightly different from a more relaxed preppy street style reaching out to a younger audience.

Is Ralph Lauren A high end brand?

However, Ralph Lauren was recognised as an exclusive high-end brand once upon a time, the introduction of sub-labels has changed the image of Ralph Lauren over the years, and it can now be somewhat confusing to recognise which Ralph Lauren clothing is high-end quality and which pieces are not particularly luxurious at all.

While the purple label is the most expensive top-notch label of this brand, the blue label is good quality and the most popular choice.

Is Tommy Hilfiger a good brand?

Is Ralph Lauren better than Tommy Hilfiger?-Tommy Hilfiger Polo shirt.
Is Ralph Lauren better than Tommy Hilfiger?-Tommy Hilfiger Polo shirt.

Tommy Hilfiger is a good brand but not particular recognised as a high-end designer label, but perhaps better classified on the top of your midrange fashion brands. Yet, in developing countries, Tommy Hilfiger is considered high-end.

Tommy Hilfiger has changed their image over the years and is skilled in its marketing and prediction trends and crafting designs to match its customers desire.

Tommy Hilfiger has reduced the causal pieces in their collection to ensure their band maintains a good image and doesn’t get oversold.

However, Tommy Hilfiger has closed its doors in the 2019 flagship store in New York City, they are still a famous American brand, and they have found their audience through different paths.

Ralph Lauren VS Tommy Hilfiger

Does Tommy Hilfiger try to copy Ralph Lauren?

You can check out this little video underneath to learn more from Tommy Hilfiger himself about what he wants his fashion brand to be.

Is Ralph Lauren good quality?

Ralph Lauren is over 50 years in business expanding and growing its brand and has gone through a lot of change and achieved a lot through the years, and is an authentic icon in the fashion industry.

Here are a few words from Ralph Lauren himself and the change of building out the empire over the last 50 years.

However, Ralph Lauren overall may be seen as a more luxurious brand; not all their pieces are automatically better than Tommy Hilfiger.

If you are looking at buying high-end designer clothes, the purple label of Ralph Lauren has the most luxurious high-quality pieces; hence you like the considerably classic look of their pieces.

Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger to consider for baby clothes?

Aditional to their costly exclusive collection, the well-established designer Ralph Lauren has a generous selection of affordable designs available in their baby collection, which is just a tad more expensive than Tommy Hilfinger’s babies’ collection.

Especially their baby collection, you will find quite a bit of choice for affordable timeless pieces.

Additionally, Calvin Klein, who shares the same parent company as Tommy Hilfinger, could be worth considering if you want to add some designer outfits to your babies’ wardrobe without draining your bank account.

The final thought is Ralph Lauren is better than Tommy Hilfiger.

While Ralph Lauren once upon a time might have been recognised exclusively for luxurious quality and better than Tommy Hilfiger, this isn’t necessarily the case anymore.

Their costly blue label might be the most popular. Yet, the numerous sub-labels integrated over the last years have changed Ralph Laurens image to be exclusively high quality.

The affordable pieces of Ralph Laurens sub-labels are not necessarily better than Tommy Hilfiger’s collection, but Ralph Lauren polo is generally considered good quality.

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