Little Sleepies VS Bonds

Little Sleepies or Bonds? As you may know, Bonds has been an Aussie favourite for a long time, especially when it comes to comfy baby and toddler sleepwear.

However, many other popular kids’ brands selling comfy sleepwear have found their way to Australia, such as the highly popular U.S. brand Little Sleepies.

Today, we chat on Little Sleepies VS Bonds to clearly outline the differences between these brands to help you decide which brands align better with you to consider for your little one.

And to be honest, they don’t have much in common, so it should not be hard to find your favourite between these two brands.

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The relatively young company Little Sleepies, founded in 2016, has done very well and extended its ultra-soft sleepwear globally as a multinational brand. In Australia, Little Sleepies have gained quite a bit of traction but have strong competitors with leasing Aussie brands like Bonds, which have been around for a century and sell comfy sleepwear.

Little Sleepies VS Bonds

Little Sleepies are highly trending in the U.S. and are famous for their ultra-soft touch. While the cute designs of Little Sleepies are made from bamboo viscose, bonds use mainly cotton for their famous colourful baby sleepwear. While Little Sleepies may be softer, Bonds is still cozy and soft and sold more cheaply.

Pros and Cons

Comparing Little Sleepies and Bonds is a bit like comparing apples with pears as they have little in common, except both are appreciated brands with strong followings.

However, we made a Pros and Cons overview to easily recognise your go-to brands between these two options and overview the core differences.

Pros and Cons of Little Sleepies:

Little Sleepies VS Bonds.- 3 babies wearing Little Sleepies outfits.
Little Sleepies VS Bonds.- 3 babies wearing Little Sleepies outfits.


  • Ultra-soft
  • Cute prints
  • It is well-reviewed and used by multiple celebrity babies.
  • Cool to wear, perfect for hot climates
  • More Stretchable, it can be worn for a longer time
  • Potential to sell for good resell value if cared for properly-(Follow washing instructions)


  • High price tag
  • There is no mention that certified bamboo viscose is used. Sustainable? (Non-certified bamboo viscose is not necessarily sustainable)

Pros and Cons of Bonds Baby


  • Well-reviewed Aussie brands
  • Cool to wear all year round (yet not as cool as Bamboo)
  • Colour fun colours and patterns
  • More affordable
  • Clear sustainable goals shared with the audience
  • Partially use of Aussie cotton
  • Bonds have started to use organic cotton partially
  • Bonds support up to 1,500 local cotton farms and over 100 Australian farms.


  • Only partial collection items are made with organic cotton.
  • Not exclusively made of sustainably sourced cotton (yet)(Goal (By 2025, Bonds’ goal is to use 100% sustainable cotton and 100% recycled polyester across all of our products).
  • Not as cool to wear as Bamboo viscose
  • Not as soft as bamboo viscose

Final thoughts for Little Sleepies VS Bonds

It will highly depend on your budget and preference for cotton vs bamboo viscose of Little Sleepies or Bonds that aligns better with your family and which brand will belong to one of your baby’s favourites.

Both brands have a strong following, with Bonds being one of the leaders in Australia, while Little Sleepies will give you more uniqueness and softer pjs.

Yet, this U.S. brand doesn’t come for cheap and appears not to have shared much on their sustainability approach towards their highly trending collections. Surprisingly, society values suitability and eco-friendly approaches very much.

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