Little Sleepies VS Kyte baby

Little Sleepies and Kyte Baby are popular brands for quality baby sleepwear as they are comfy and soft.

Both brands have a lot of similarities and are popular amongst families who prefer the softness of Bamboo for their babies.

Today we like to share a comparison between these two brands to help you decide which brand aligns better with your family.

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Little Sleepies VS Kyte

While Kyte Baby may have a more significant brand recognization being around for a bit longer, competitor Little Sleepies, founded in 2016, has gained much popularity for their apparel, evident with many families joining waiting lists on newly launched collections and prints.

Let’s look at both brands to learn the most significant differences.

First, we check out the brand that has been around for the most extended period Kyte Baby.

Kyte baby

Kyte Baby was founded in 2014 by Ying Liu, inspired by the excellent experience of wearing Bamboo fabric to her child. Ying Liu’s daughter suffered from eczema.

Pros and Cons Kyte Baby

Kyte Baby


  • Mainly basic designs only.
  •  Only fold-over mittens in sizes Preemie to 0-3 months and some long-sleeved apparel.
  • Not Oeko-tex certified


  • High quality
  • Super soft fabric
  • Cheaper price point than Little Sleepies
  • Choice out of various solid colours
  • Well reviewed highly rated brand
  • Two-way zipper on the Zippies

You can find Kyte baby products in one of the following stores:

Little Sleepies

Little Sleepies only launched in 2016 but quickly expanded to a famous sheep wear brand. Part of their clever strategy is what has gained huge hype around Little Sleepies, similar to what the Jamie Kay brand does.

(The hype is understandable if you see their adorable prints).

Pros and Cons Little Sleepies

Little Sleepies VS Kyte Baby.- 3 babies wearing Little Sleepies outfits.
Little Sleepies VS Kyte Baby.- 3 babies wearing Little Sleepies outfits.

Little Sleepies


  • Firm pricing
  • Little Sleepies’ adorable Prints can sell out quickly!
  • Not Oeko-tex certified


  • A well-reviewed and highly-rated brand
  • Super soft and high quality
  • Adorable prints
  • Matching pj’s from newborn up to adult sizing
  • Fold-over mittens for sizes up to 18 months
  • All Little Sleepies zippers can transfer from footless to footed sleepers with unique fold-over cuffs.
  • Dual zippers on the Zippies

You can check out Little Sleepies products using the button underneath…

To get your hands on the quickly sold-out new prints and keep up to date with the most newly launched patterns, you can sign up for the Little Sleepies newsletter if you click on the pink button above and scroll down to the end of the page.

You could also sign up with the Little Sleepies Vip group to keep up to date with the newest launched Little Sleepies products and prints.

Final thoughts for Little Sleepies VS Kyte baby

Many families own and love Little Sleepies and Kyte Baby’s soft bamboo babywear collections, mixing and matching both brands’ pieces.

While Little Sleepies may be your go-to if you have fallen in love with their regularly launched new prints, Kyte Baby is slightly more affordable and are great for when you are not such a fan of busy patterns and like to keep her a little calmer, perhaps preferring a choice out of solid colours for your little one.

Additionally, Boody could be worth checking out and learning more about as a third option for a bamboo baby brand. Boody primarily focuses on sustainability and eco-friendly approaches and is one of the few using certified Bamboo viscose.

What is your favourite Bamboo baby brand?

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