What Baby clothes brands are made in Canada?

Are you on a mission to find baby clothes brands made in Canada?

Choosing more sustainable baby clothes designed and manufactured closer to home has become a preferred shopping behaviour for many families worldwide.

Little & Lively Canadian made dresses.
Little & Lively Canadian-made dresses.

Today, we like to share 6 Canadian baby brands with you that have committed at different levels to manufacturing their baby clothes locally.

While some of our selected brands have set up their entire manufacturing process in Canada, a couple uses multiple manufacturing locations. (including home ground in Canada).

Found out in our review today which brands have achieved exclusively made in their collections in Canada.

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What Baby clothes brands are made in Canada?

All six brands we share with you today have one thing in common: they have carefully selected manufacturing locations and partly or exclusively set up their manufacturing process in their home ground of Canada.

You can Find out in our review below which brands are exclusively Canadian-made…

1. Mini Mioche

Alyssa Kerbel Is the founder of the Canadian brand Mioche; she started over ten years ago when she could not find timeless, soft, and comfy clothes for her newborn daughter in gender-neutral colours.

While Alyssa started her mission of creating timeless, comfy baby clothes that were ethically and sustainably aligned with her values as a side hustle, Mioche has grown and established as a well-known Canadian brand perfect for families looking for sustainably baby clothes made in Canada.

2. Kewe

Kewe is a mum-owned business based in Canada, British Colombia, operating since 2015.

Like Mioche, Kewe collections maintain and practice high ethical and social responsibility standards for their clothing and products. All materials used to make their apparel and products are certified by Oeko-tex and G.O.T.S. (global organic textile standards).

Additionally, this Canadian baby brand is sewing some items of the Kewe collection on their home ground in Canada. However, they use overseas facilities that align with their ethical standards for Kewe products.

3. Little &Lively

Little Lively Canadian made outfits for kids.
Image of Little Lively’s Canadian-made outfits for kids.

Little & Lively is the premier line of the Kindred studio’s Baby and children’s clothes. Like the first two suggestions in our review of Canadian-made baby clohtes, Little & Lively values and is committed to high ethical standards for all their products.

Impression for the brand Little & Lively

Little & Lively’s clothing is ethically made from bamboo and cotton fabric in Canada.

In addition to the Little & Lively collection for children, you can find three other collections of Canadian-made goods at Kinderstudio,:

  • P.J. collection- pretty laundry
  • Women’s collection-Dwelling
  • Accessories collection-Bek @ Jet.

4. Ungalli

Ungalli is worth checking out as a sustainable brand for whole families, and you can find clothing made from organic cotton and recycled materials here.

However, all our selected Canadian brands have sustainability and ethically made clothes included in their core values; it differs per brand on how and to which level they are committed to their sustainable goals.

Ungallie’s message to make a difference with its brand and impact on the environment is evident. They share their sustainable missions and actions clearly and proudly with their audience by arriving on Ungalli’s site.

5. Pure colour baby

Like many other meaningful smaller clothing brands started by mums, Lindsay Down founded Pure Colour Baby, who couldn’t find much beautiful yet comfy clothing for her babies. This inspired her to turn her passion for sewing into a brand she called Pure Colour Baby.

At Pure Colour Baby, you can find organic clothing with a ‘grow with me’ philosophy to expand the product’s lifespan.

Pure Colour Baby is designed and sewn in their Kingston, Ontario studio, and in addition to their online shop, Pure Colour Baby has a brick-and-mortar shop in Kingston.

6. Ole design

Olena Gurr is the founder and designer of Ole Designs, which she started as a hobby project inspired by her kids.

Ole’s favourite fabric of choice is organic cotton, and all garments are designed in Canada, while the manufacturing process is now done in Canada and Europe.

Final thoughts for Baby clothes brands that are made in Canada?

However, mainstream baby clothes may still be in the lead. Smaller, more sustainable businesses prioritising ethical and socially reasonable standards increase continuously. As a result, more options have become available for ethically locally-made baby clothes in Canada.

Additionally, in America, increasing numbers of baby clothes brands have committed to making sustainable baby clothes and setting up manufacturing locally in the U.S. This is excellent news for the environment and the increasing numbers of families looking for sustainable, locally-made outfits for their babies.

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