Organic Cotton baby’s swings-{Review on Macrame Baby Swings}

Macrame baby swing


Certified Organic cotton


Fair trade


Good value for your money



  • Fairtrade product
  • Free from harmful chemicals
  • High quality product


  • little waiting time before delivering
  • Only available in U.S territories
  • only 1 colour available

Organic Cotton Baby’s Swings

Organic Cotton baby’s swings-Smiling baby swinging in organic macrame baby swing
Organic Cotton baby’s swing-Smiling baby in an organic macrame baby swing

You may have arrived here because you consider baby’s swings for your newborn baby or toddler. Like with all baby stuff, the choices of swings are endless and can be overwhelming.

To not confuse you more than you perhaps already are, if you are interested in natural and fairtrade products, you might find this review interesting. The Macrame swing we are reviewing is Organic and very gorgeous and will look beautiful in any room or patio in your house. 

The swing is handmade from organic cotton and solid wood. It is the best selling product, and we can see why many parents and carers purchase these organic macrame baby’s swings for their bubs.’

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Description of Macrame Baby Swing

  • Product– Macrame baby swing
  • Price– $99,- (U.S)
  • Age specifications– Babies and toddlers up to 40 L.B.S.
  • Safety features– macrame belt to keep baby safe and in place
  • Selling point-Finn+Emma
  • Manufactured-Handmade in India
  • Ethical standards-Fairtrade

Safety instructions using macrame baby swing

  1. Never leave your baby or toddler alone on the swing.
  2. Ensure to hang the swing on a beam or support sturdy strong enough to support the weight
  3. Use the macrame belt to keep baby safe and in place.
  4. Follow the suggested hanging instructions for the baby swing.

Where is the macrame baby swing made?

Organic cotton Baby's Swings-Artisan woman working on the macrame baby swing
Organic cotton Baby’s Swings-Artisan woman working on the macrame baby swing

The macrame baby swing is hand made in India by artisan women. As you may know, FInn+Emma is a socially responsible brand, and they only get involved with fair work conditions for making their products.

The women making the macrame swings, get paid a living wage and have a safe and healthy workplace. Finn+Emma are outstanding in maintaining high ethical standards for there brand and have a transparent manufacturing chain.

Unfortunately, these are not the high standard many other brands have. In the textile industry, many workers are underpaid and not able to live from the paid wage. The work pressure is very high and the working days longer.

The other issue often seen in the textile industry is the dangerous working conditions for the workers. Many buildings have lousy ventilation and toxic substances what results in workers inhaling these as there is no proper P.P.E. worn.

Buildings, where the workers are working in, are not maintained and not safe. Several accidents have happened where many worker have lost their life.

We are so happy that Finn+Emma, together with another handful Brands, are walking this extra mile to ensure a better life quality for the worker involved making their gorgeous baby products.

How awesome that these handmade Macrame baby’s swings are not only gorgeous and practical but also high quality and ethically made as well.

Certified Organic

Nowadays we see a lot of labels in the shops stating ‘Organic’. Unfortunately, the title organic gets also used as a Grab this Fun Macrame Swing at Finn + Emmamarketing strategy, and labels can be misleading.

A label stating organic can simply mean that there is a percentage of organic ingredients or materials used in the product. However, this might only be a small percentage.

It doesn’t make sense for me to make a product a little bit organic right?  For me, I  expect a product to be organic when it is labelled organic and not only a little bit organic.

Some brands are certified organic and one of those brands is Finn+Emma. With their G.O.T.S certification, you can be assured that the product you buy is high quality and 100% Organic.

You will see that brands like Finn+Emma have put thought in the smallest details and quality and safety is prioritized in their products. By example, the dyes on their clothing are eco friendly and non-toxic, and snaps on their garments are nickel and lead-free.

All organic cotton used to make Finn+Emma products are 100 certified G.O.T.S. (Global Organic Textile Standard approved, what makes these Organic Macrame baby’s swings a safe choice for your precious baby.


Reviews on Organic Macrame baby’s Swings

Parents and carers who have already purchased these baby’s swings are delighted with their purchase and leave Organic cotton baby's Swings-Review on Macrame baby swing

excellent reviews for Finn+Emma. People are impressed with the quality and love the way it looks and experiences purchasing a baby swing as one of the best spend money on products for their baby. (More reviews are available through the link below) .

A perfect baby swing to suit a natural lifestyle

The macrame baby’s swings will look beautiful in your home or patio and are a perfect way to entertain your baby. If you are looking for a baby’s swings for your little bub and sustainability, natural living and fair trade or essential to you, this swing may tick all boxes for you.

The price tag at the time of writing this review is $99,-, A fair price for the high-quality product you can expect from Finn+Emma.

Just a little note to inform you that the macrame baby’s swings are selling like crazy.  Therefore the delivering is a little longer at the moment,  approx 14 – 21 days for the swing.


I hope this review was helpful for you and give you a good overview of the details of this swing and especially a transparent view on what product you buy.  This product I something quite special and unique, You not only buy a beautiful product for your baby, but you support a better life for a family at the same time.

This swing is not only beautiful, but fair trade made as well. A product to feel good about: if you have any more question or suggestions, please leave them below or use the contact form in the main menu. We love to hear from you.



4 thoughts on “Organic Cotton baby’s swings-{Review on Macrame Baby Swings}”

  1. OMG this is so cute. I shared this site with my friend that is having a baby in February. I am a massive supporter of fair trade and am always looking for more products to share and support. Thank you so much for this review. I have saved it and will share whenever I can. 

    • Hi Andrea, thank you for your comment. That is awesome, supporting fair trade is such a great thing to do and directly reduce poverty for less fortunate people. I am happy you enjoyed my review of the organic cotton baby swing. Such a gorgeous accessory, isn’t t? 

      Thank you for sharing my review with your friend as well, I appreciate it. I just published an article about fair trade organic baby clothes you might find interesting as you arean massive supporter of fair trade, here is the link

      Best wishes.


  2. Hi 

    I must say that I am a big fan of baby’s swings, as whose child does not like a swing? I think it is marvellous that the product is fair trade, as often the workers are exploited into making these products on the cheap a practice which should be banned all over the world. As the cotton is farmed organically then this should help the local ecosystem to reach a state of harmony, where friend and can deal with each other. I know my son would have like this when he was young and my wife who loves macrame. It is really a win-win situation.  I also think that the child’s comfort is the utmost importance and that is one thing I always look for.

    Thank you


    • Hi Antonio, you make a very valid point here. Unfortunately, it is true that a lot of workers in the textile industry get exploited making products for several brands. Therefor supporting fair trade products is such a good effective way to improve the life of workers in developing counties. 

      I actually wrote an article about the issues in the textile industry recently and writing about the topic was rather confronting and changed my mindset towards fast fashion and increased my appreciation of brands choosing for high ethical standards.

      The swings are super cute and so beautiful and I agree and think almost all babies love to swing and rock. Also, the swing is just so beautiful to have at any place in your house.

      Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a great day Antonio.

      Best wishes.



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