Organic Cotton baby’s swings-{Review on Macrame Baby Swings}

Are you researching baby swings that are sustainably made and free of plastic and harmful toxins?

If so, you have arrived on the right page, as today we will share a review on a gorgeous macrame baby swing that is beautiful, affordable and sustainably made.

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Description of Macramé Baby Swing

Grab this Fun Macrame Swing at Finn + Emma
  • Product– Macrame baby swing
  • Availability-U.S region
  • Price– $99,- (U.S)
  • Material– 100% organic cotton
  • Timber-solid wood bar
  • Age specifications– Babies and toddlers up to 40 L.B.S.
  • Decoration-adorable fringe embellishment
  • Safety features- macrame belt to keep baby safe and in place(still, always supervise when a baby is in swing)
  • Safety guide-Follow the safety instructions on the Finn + Emma website. the baby swings correctly from a beam or support sturdy enough to hold its weight
  • Manufactured-Handmade in India
  • Ethical standards- A fair, livable wage is paid to make this swing.
  • Toys for the swings-you can attach beautifully unique organic toys to this macrame swing.
  • Where to order?-Available here

The benefits of choosing an organic swing

Organic cotton baby's swings-Baby in macramé baby swing with older child on a rug on the side.
Organic cotton baby’s swings- baby in macramé baby swings with an older child on a rug.

The benefits of this macrame baby’s swings are significant. First, the swing is handmade from organic cotton and solid wood and free of harmful substances. Eliminating toxic chemicals in your baby’s environment is excellent news, as babies are especially vulnerable when exposed to toxins.

Today, toxins are in many products and can easily be absorbed through a baby’s thin skin. As babies tend to put everything in their mouth, this is the other way toxins quickly can excess baby’s body.

Choosing organic products will significantly reduce the risk of your baby being exposed to substances that can become a health risk.

Choosing organic products is real peace of mind for parents as you can be ensured the products won’t harm your baby. (look for genuine brands, though, for organic cotton products.)

What makes this baby swings a sustainable choice?

Organic cotton baby's swings-Baby in organic Macramé baby swing.
OBaby in organic Macramé baby swing.

This gorgeous baby’s macrame swing is made without harmful chemicals or toxic dyes, which is good news for the enviroment and your baby. Also, 100% organic cotton thread is used to make this swing.

Did you know that Organic cotton has significant benefits compared to conventional cotton and is better for your baby and the enviroment?

Products containing organic fibre can apply to certify with an organic standard, such as G.O.T.S(global organic textile standard). For products to qualify for this leading international standard, stringent ethical and environmental standards must be met and maintained amongst the product’s complete production chain.

It is easy to look out for an organic product with a G.O.T.S certification as a consumer. When a product is G.O.T.S certified, you can be assured that the product you buy is ethically and socially responsible, made and free of harmful substances.

Where is the macramé baby swing made?

Organic cotton Baby's Swings-Artisan woman working on the macrame baby swing
Organic cotton Baby’s Swings-Artisan woman working on the macrame baby swing

The macrame baby’s swings are hand made in India by artisan women who get paid a fair, livable wage and are provided with a safe and healthy workplace.

The standards of G.O.T.S are maintained during the making of this beautiful swing, and the product brand has a transparent registry to prove how and where their products are ethically and environmentally friendly manufactured.

Safety instructions using macramé baby swing

Of course, safety comes first. Therefore we have added the official video for you on how to hang the macrame swing safely. It is advisable to watch the video underneath and download the further hanging instructions for the swing on this page, where you can find the download option on the right side halfway down the page.

  1. Never leave your baby or toddler alone on the swing.
  2. Ensure to hang the swing on a beam or support sturdy strong enough to support the weight
  3. Use the macrame belt to keep the baby safe and in place.
  4. Follow the suggested hanging instructions closely to hang the baby’s swing.

Pros and cons of the Macramé baby’s swings

Macrame baby’s swingsProsCons
Sustainably and ethically made.Only available in the U.S region
Made with certified organic cottonyou might require a short waiting time before receiving the swing.
High quality and super adorable designOnly one design and colour is available.
Pros and cons of the organic macramé baby’s swings

Reviews on Organic Macrame baby’s Swings

‘The organic macramé swings perfectly align with a natural lifestyle. Many people who have purchased this infant swing are delighted and leave excellent reviews for this organic macrame baby’s swings.’

Organic cotton baby's Swings-Review on Macrame baby swing

The macrame baby’s swings will look beautiful in your home or patio and are a perfect way to entertain your baby. So if you are looking for a baby’s swing for your little bub and sustainability, natural living and fair trade or essential to you, this swing may tick all boxes.

People who have previously purchased this macrame baby’s swing are impressed with the quality and love this gorgeous baby’s swing and agree that choosing it is one of the best spending money on baby products they have done.

Wrap up for the macramé baby’s swings

This Macrame swing is beautiful and has excellent value for money, but the swing is ethically made. This unique, organic swing will look gorgeous on your patio, verandah, or nursery.

The organic macrame swings make an excellent match for families following minimalistic or sustainable lifestyles and looking for non-toxic baby swings.

If you have any questions or inquiries on baby’s swings, please leave them in the comments, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.


4 thoughts on “Organic Cotton baby’s swings-{Review on Macrame Baby Swings}”

  1. OMG this is so cute. I shared this site with my friend that is having a baby in February. I am a massive supporter of fair trade and am always looking for more products to share and support. Thank you so much for this review. I have saved it and will share whenever I can. 

    • Hi Andrea, thank you for your comment. That is awesome, supporting fair trade is such a great thing to do and directly reduce poverty for less fortunate people. I am happy you enjoyed my review of the organic cotton baby swing. Such a gorgeous accessory, isn’t t? 

      Thank you for sharing my review with your friend as well, I appreciate it. I just published an article about fair trade organic baby clothes you might find interesting as you arean massive supporter of fair trade, here is the link

      Best wishes.


  2. Hi 

    I must say that I am a big fan of baby’s swings, as whose child does not like a swing? I think it is marvellous that the product is fair trade, as often the workers are exploited into making these products on the cheap a practice which should be banned all over the world. As the cotton is farmed organically then this should help the local ecosystem to reach a state of harmony, where friend and can deal with each other. I know my son would have like this when he was young and my wife who loves macrame. It is really a win-win situation.  I also think that the child’s comfort is the utmost importance and that is one thing I always look for.

    Thank you


    • Hi Antonio, you make a very valid point here. Unfortunately, it is true that a lot of workers in the textile industry get exploited making products for several brands. Therefor supporting fair trade products is such a good effective way to improve the life of workers in developing counties. 

      I actually wrote an article about the issues in the textile industry recently and writing about the topic was rather confronting and changed my mindset towards fast fashion and increased my appreciation of brands choosing for high ethical standards.

      The swings are super cute and so beautiful and I agree and think almost all babies love to swing and rock. Also, the swing is just so beautiful to have at any place in your house.

      Thanks for stopping by and I wish you a great day Antonio.

      Best wishes.



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