Shein baby clothes review. What is the story?

You may have come across Shein while browsing online, as this Chines shopping platform has become a high popular shopping desitnation for ordering fashion products for the whole family inspired by the latest fashion trends.

And there is no doubt that besides having some adorable options, the extraordinarily cheap price labels are a big part of why Shein is so popular.

Everyone likes a bargain, right? Who does not? But are Shein baby clothes as good as it seems? Are they worth it?

What is Shein?

Shein is a Chinese online fast fashion retailer originally named ZZKKO.

The company, founded in 2008 by Chris Xu in Nanjing, has gained tremendous popularity around theworld.

If you have visited Shein’s website, you probably have noticed its extremely low price point.

These collections are inspired by the latest fashion trends, which, together with the low pricepoint, is critical to their success and popularity.

Shein baby clothes review…What is the story with Shein?

As Shein states, what their company is they subscribe themselves as a global fashion and lifestyle e-retailer that is committed to making the beauty of fashion accessible to everyone.

Well, yes, truly, their prices are low, but you may wonder…are their cheap price tags worth it?


Perhaps a good comparison regarding the quality of ordering Shein is ordering from Pat Pat.

Also, Pat Pat is a shopping destination with fashionable clothing for the whole family and, like Shein, also super cheap adorable options for babies.

Yet, when talking about quality, It appears that you can get either lucky or not ordering from these platforms where items are priced so incredibly cheap.. Hit and miss and overall not much considatant in quality and sizing!

But overall, in quite a few cases, the quality of clothing may be disappointing and not as great as you wish.

And beside some of the concerns about the quality of Shein baby clothes, there have been concerns about the Safety of Shein clothing, which we will share further.

Why is Shein so popular?

As mentioned before, a big part of Shein’s incredible popularity will be its cheap price point and their collections styles that are inspired by the latest fashion trends.

Some believe Shein is famous after 8 years of business becauseĀ it has supercharged the fast fashion model.

The brand has now reached such a fame that even celebrities promote it.

Yet despite their success, there are various rumours about the Safety of Shein clothing which you may like to consider especially concerning babies and kids.

Are Shein baby clothes safe?

However, cuteness and comfort are essential and something many families want; Safety is paramount if you want to buy baby clothes for your baby. Especially babies’ skin is super sensitive and easily irritable, and finding baby clohtes that are not toxic and gentle on the skin is paramount.

Unfortunately, there have been some concerns and findings about Shein clothing you may like to read about. Chemical exposure can be very worrisome, especially around babies and children, and elimating toxic chemicals in their environment is crucial for their Safety and health.

How can you know baby clothes are safe and free, and non-toxic?

With increasing number of families becoming aware of the many harmful chemicals we are surrounded with, including the clothing we put on, apparel that is certified and tested to be save have increased much popularity over the last decade or so.

Trustworthy and the most popular independent standards to look for include the Oeko-tex 100 and the GOTS (Global organic textile standard) for organic clothing.

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Final thoughts for Shein baby clothes

Shein has gained al lot of popularity as a trendy shopping destination for various apparel inspired by the latest fashion trends.

While this online shopping platform features low prices and trendy adorable pieces for the whole family, the consistency of sizes and quality may not meet the consistency you wish for.

You may want to research the safety of their clothing, as there have previously been concerns about this matter regarding the levels of harmful toxins in some of their products.

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