Is posh Peanut worth it?

Posh Peanut is a trendy bamboo baby brand that does not come cheaply.

With the limited edition prints, Posh Peanut has created quite a hype around their outfits, and even secondhand limited edition pieces were sold at high prices as it was hard to get hands on some of the prints that would sell out with the launched in a flash.

Fast forward to today’s baby clothes market, Posh Peanut is still famous, yet some things have changed.

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Is Posh Peanut worth it?

Posh Peanut is generally higher priced than other bamboo brands like Little Sleepies, Gigi and Max, Kyte, and Bellabu Bear. Yet, some big Posh Peanut fans love their quality, softness, and especially their limited adorable prints so much they are happy to pay the high price tag.

Yet, if you dig a little deeper, you will find reviews of customers on sites like Better Business Bureau or Trustpilot that have not had such a great experience purchasing from this costly bamboo brand.

Customers appear to have especially had issues with the helpfulness of Posh Peanuts’ customer service, stitching errors and problems with returning items, and the quality of the products where people have had holes in clothing within a few months, which is disappointing after spending so much money for baby clothes.

Why is Posh Peanut so expensive?

In the opinion of some, Posh Peanut is a slightly overpriced baby brand. However, perhaps their innovative marketing and the successfully created hype about their limited edition prints baby outfits have justified the firm price tags paid their customers.

Yet, over the last few years, the increase of Posh Peanuts’ limited prints to meet the increase in demand has oversaturated the market, and now the value of the limited edition pieces is not as valuable. More people are struggling to sell their pre-loved Posh Peanut baby clothes.

Also, Posh Peanut customers have experienced some sizing and quality inconsistencies.

Which other bamboo baby brands are worth considering?

As mentioned, there is a generous choice of bamboo baby brands besides Posh Peanut, with adorable, super soft bamboo baby clothes.

Often, customers who have had disappointing experiences with Posh Peanut mentioned they have moved on to the famous Little Sleepies brands or Gigi and Max, other popular brands with adorable designs.

Also, there are increasing choices of bamboo baby brands that use Oekotex-certified fabric, and there are bamboo brands that highly focus on being as eco-friendly as possible.

Some Other popular bamboo baby brands include:

Final thoughts for Posh Peanut

Posh Peanut is a popular bamboo baby clothes brand famous for its adorable prints.

Yet, paying so much money is unnecessary for cute quality bamboo baby clothes, and there are plenty of other brands to discover that may be interesting to check out.

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